The aim of the project is to purchase a van for our Veterans project, that will allow us to pick up donated furniture that we then recycle.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aim of the project is to enable us to purchase a van, the purchase of this van will allow us to increase the ammount of donated furniture that we currently recieve form both the general public and also business as these groups are so generous to the forgotten veteran cause.

The new van will mean so much to the veterans project in many ways as it will mean that if we are offered a donation we will be able to say yes rather than "can we get back to you" if we can get it picked up by one of our volunteer vans and it also means that we will be able to be more pro-active in looking for donations to assist in the support of veterans in need.

The van will also allow us to support our veterans in many other ways to as we are currently looking at launching our small works programme, works that will be done for veterans that just cannot do these little jobs thenselves, with the use of our own van the logistics of carrying out these small jobs is made so much achievable for us.

It is expected that the veterans van will be there in the time of need  to help them move home if need be or to just ease the burden of getting something from a to b, which can be incredibly difficult if you have no one there, we will be there and we will help with the use of our van and time and volunteers.