Transgender support centre

Transgender support centre

The fund is to raise funding for renting of a building, decorations, and equipment that's needed for transgender support

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The business concept has been designed to provide the spectrum of transgenders mainly geared towards those that feel they have no where to go for transgender support given by experience transgenders, currently there is no facility that has a free safe zone that transgenders can just pop in for advice and support, 

it is my aim to assist those in hiding or nervious of coming out to the world that they will have a place to change store and just be themselves building confidence up so one day they will be going out into the big world in their chosen identity,

The project requires a discreet building with cafe furniture and within the building will comprise of a beauty room, changing rooms and private one to one advice and support room, the project aims to provide a post office, retail, therapy, events that's diversity certain days of the month one event would be held where the centre is open to anyone to socialise with transgenders, which will be part of the public learning about transgenders, through interaction and it gives the transgenders that have been in hiding to come out to the world in a open event supported and protected by experienced transwomen, I could make the project a charity but my aim is to put profits directly back into transgender support as it will hopefully generate more jobs for trans people.

The facility will have

A service centre 

Private one to one advice and support room and for group session support

A beauticians lab

A safe drop in meeting zone with cafe 

Low cost retail for transgender shopping 

Events area for both private transgender social gatherings and specific open evenings

A education department that will reach out to private colleges and local councils to educate transgender awareness .

Plus another benefit of keeping it in the business sector it gives the transgender center the opportunity to reach out to other companies that will benefit transgender retail acceptance, 

This is just a incite to the plans so please feel to ask questions regarding the machanics of the center 

Yours sincerely colin