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Looking to raise money to setup support for Transgender individuals and their families. So we can delivery help and advice in the community.

by findthelightfoundation in Southport, England, United Kingdom

My name is Samantha, I'm a Transgender lady and having gone through the transition myself, ive experience first hand, how difficult it was, but also for people going through it, also their families. In 2014 I set up Find The Light Foundation, this was done solely as a voluntary basis and found my self meeting people who were really struggling.

Having faced getting work myself, I set about working hard to try to achieve this support for people

I have been applying for every bit of funding pots going, trying to get the monies needed to start Find The Light Foundation as a Charity. I have been unable to get any as I did not meet the criteria's or I had to be trading for at least three years to get access to funding and thats with accounts.

Let me give you a few facts why people are struggling

A recent survey on social media, asked employers in the UK,  would you employ a Transgender person?

The response to that was that 60% of employers would not employ a Transgender person

So what difficulties does this cause?

* A persons transition could be delayed, if they are not living and working in their gender full-time

* A person suffers with isolation and loneiness if they have no support network there.

* If they are not working, they cannot afford the right clothing, makeup and other items which help in their  transition

* Not all medical things are paid for by the NHS, so having a job not only allows them to live, but to set goals of becoming who they have always been through surgery paid for by themselves if working.

So what support are we looking to offer?

* Support Groups for Transgender People and Families

* If funds are available at the time, help with Laser on their face.

* Creating a Network of the NHS, DWP and Businesses, so we can educate them in a life experience, to help   them in their day to day business.

The main reason for this support, is that we are there for all the Transgender people coming through the NHS, as we all know the NHS is struggling. Having been in contact with the NHS, our work is vital to reduce Suicides, Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm as they are struggling.

Its about helping people believe in themselves, when sometimes the world is cruel to them.

The only reason I am placing this crowd funder, is because there is a genuine need for it. Over the last few years, we've pulled people back from suicide. helped them believe in themselves, where others didnt. If it was you, wouldn't you want someone to be there for you too.

Thank you for reading this Crowd funder

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Let's make 'Transgender support' happen

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