Transfuge (WWII), Short Film

by Laurence Murphy in Horney Common, England, United Kingdom


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Transfuge is a WWII War Drama that addresses desertion and the untold friendships of War.

by Laurence Murphy in Horney Common, England, United Kingdom

Set in 1942 just outside of Docelles in North Eastern France, Transfuge is a short film about the sudden unexpected acquaintanceship between two enemies who have deserted from the frontlines in WWII. This mishap causes for a peculiar narrative to unfold around them when they realise they aren’t too dissimilar from one another.

War has always been an interesting topic for me, with a family background from the war it has been something that has been carried through my family all my life. My Grandfather was in the military police and is still spoken of highly and respected within our family today, condolences are paid through remembrance Sunday parades with the Air Cadets or flag baring with Scouting at numerous parades throughout my younger years. I aspired to be a fighter jet pilot when I was younger, but my career path changed when I found my love for film; I wanted to express my respect for war through the creation of film. As a final year student, I aim to create my own war dramas that give a unique twist on what we usually see on the market.

The key themes of Transfuge are isolation and friendship - we explore this through the narrative, especially how even through the struggles of war there is still hope even if you are enemies. When all hope seems to be lost, it is better to have someone there to help unload the distress of a situation than to feel isolated and alone. We wanted this film to capture isolation and loneliness even when you're not alone - whilst still showing the hope and perseverance form both soldiers. We find out that two strangers that have two stories can share one perspective, shedding a different light on WWII.

We aim on conveying a melancholy, monochromatic, muted visual style to capture the themes of this short film, we want to show the collision of emotions and feelings our two soldiers are feeling from the hardship of war. 

Although this seems like a very disheartening feel towards this story, there is still hope with hints of more positive emotions when the two soldiers get more of a mutual understanding of one another. The extended shots and visual storytelling allude to the hope that the two men are clinging on to, the bliss escape from the feud of war. Our main location for the film is within a clearing which has been posed as a symbolic escape from reality, as if it is a dream planted in both characters minds. The coincidence of stumbling upon one another and unexpectedly have similar understandings of one another, creating a slightly unnerving style for the audience.

Laurence Murphy - Writer/Director

Laurence has got 2 years worth of Directing experience working on a handful of projects, he has an editor’s eye with over 5 years’ experience within the field. As an aspiring young filmmaker Laurence aims to broaden his appeal within the film industry with aspirations of becoming a director/editor. He is very excited and pleased to have found an amazing crew who are all as invested and passionate about the idea as he is.

Robbie Farwell - Producer/Production Manager 

Robbie has produced projects from music videos to short films, with Transfuge being his most ambitious producing credit yet. With his background stemming from 6+ years in animation at AUB, his interest soon turned to film, particularly producing and directing. He is looking forward to collaborating with such a creative crew on this project and pulling everyone together to make this work.

Benja Schweimler - Assistant Director 

Ben has 4+ years of experience working as an Assistant Director on multiple projects. He has completed a specialised Assistant Directing course at CIEVYC in his home country of Argentina and aims to eventually work in this capacity in the industry. He is very excited to work on such an ambitious and different project and will do his best to make sure everything runs smooth as clockwork.

Ed Swift - Director of Photography

Ed has always been a big fan of war films and is very excited to be working on such an ambitious project. His passion has been cinematography since his first interest in film and he is very keen to challenge himself further. Ed is particularly interested in how he can manipulate the relationship of characters within this film through his work and is looking forward to getting the ball rolling.

Finn Stammers - Assistant Camera 

Finn's expertise covers a wide variety of roles and specialisms on set and he has experience working as camera assistant on sports documentaries for Sky Sports. He has been working with the Director of Photography for this project for over a year making for an extremely efficient and creative environment. He is excited to work on a big scale project such as this and will work to see that the visuals of the film are the best they can be. 


We are proud to have received an endorsement from THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION in support of the main topic of this film, Desertion. A sum of the money we raise will go towards this charity to help members of the army alongside their families. Please feel inclined to donate towards THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION as your support will help to provide hope for armed forces as well as supporting this passion project!Image result for royal british legion

Creating an immersive experience for the viewer has been a major driving force for this project. 

This therefore means that historical accuracy is a key element for the success of Transfuge; we are relying on the costume/production design to create this immersive experience. As it is a war drama the production value of this film needs to be high in order for it to look and coincide with the visual style we want. This of course will be supported by a passionate team of young creators have constructed who intend on making this story as true as possible.

Every donation to this ambitious project will help so much! The budget for this film has been segmented so we can make use of it as efficiently as possible! As this is a period drama a lot of the money will be going into the production design of this project - especially costume! We also have experienced actors coming from London to make this film stand out from the crowd! Moreover, we aim to use this money for travel and catering for casting and crew, so everything is highly appreciated!

This being said, money isn’t always the first option! We appreciate every like, comment, share towards this film as we just want to get it out there, so we have as much of an audience as possible! If you are interested in this ambitious project and you want to see it succeed, then do not be afraid to get on board and join the Transfuge Crew!

Thank you so much!


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