Transformers Diversify Iraqi Women and Art

Transformers Diversify Iraqi Women and Art

The project aim is to build a bridge between two different communities involved in WAR without their permissions, focusing on Women and Art.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Very thrilled that I have been chosen to take part in Transformers Diversify program at Museums Association 2017.

The program is for one year and has lots of events to attend. During this year I will make sure to plant my project seed, and I will be able to water and have enough light to allow the idea of my project to grow.

As I am originally from Iraq and I have been suffering from war all my childhood until now, and I always wanted to do something against war and show people what is the WAR means in actual battle field place such as IRAQ.

I have decided to talk about WAR using art and Women but not any art is a unique art, hand made style reflecting the feeling of each person doing it during the war.

I am aiming to create and curate an exhibition(touring exhibition) from up recycled materials used to make a piece of Art to use in their houses or other personal spaces. I need to travel back to Iraq and film all my journey and bring it back here with the actual unique objects made by Iraqi women based in Iraq to share with our lovely British communities and to share the truth behind each war and the experiences of these Iraqi ladies and their families.

This project started as a personal need as an Iraqi immigrant woman left Iraq for almost seventeen years, but her memories the good and sad one still on my mind until now.
My beloved sister only (one year older than me ) she still lives in Iraq and has been through all the contemporary war since 2003. She is suffering from mental health problems; you can not even picture it because of the war such as threatening, killing, and terrorists, started to transform her all feelings such as anger, love, scariness, and unfairness, etc. into ART.

However, I one hundred percent sure there are lots of ladies like my sister living in the war zone have the similar talent and may be more, and I need to go and find more about their stories during the war and how they managed to survive so far.

I need your support to start the journey, as soon as possible, and in return, you will be invited to attend the exhibition opening reception for free, and if I have been lucky to be supported financially I will be able to publish my book, and your name will acknowledge too.

Please! Hurry up to help me as I have few events coming soon to attend.

For more details:
twitter: @rana72

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