TRANSFORMERS: Dark Before Extinction

We are looking for £2000 to help us film two two major scenes from our fan film

We did it!

On 7th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Transformers: Dark Before Extinction is a passion project being produced by fans it is at its core a fan film, and once compleated it will be used to raise awaerness for those with severe lerning difficaltys 

we are curently looking for help with the costs of two major Action scenes the money used for the renting of practical effects equipmant, and the post production costs of  CGI elimants 

the footage will be used as a proof of concept to try and generate more intrest in us and our project.

more about our movie below 

you can vew our PSA roll out video for Autism awarness at

                                                                                                                                                (Teaser poster)

Synoppsiss: A new Human organisation Sector 8 or (S8-NBE-STF) funded by a welthy exentric ex govermant agent have been tasked with keeping the Autobots out of the public eye in light of recent events, people are scade and now the human leaders are debating what to do with them,a set of rules were put forth to the Autobot leader who agreed to honor them.

A cybertronian Bounty hunter arives on earth he forcebly alines himsellf with a difrent human organisation one that has been tascked with destroying any decepticons they come across this new enemy uses manipulation to bend the head of this task force to his will creating an unfaire advantage in his mistion to capture the Autobot leader.

this movie is were the hunt begins its were the rules are about to chainge!

We want to make somthing that looks very authentic but for a small fraction of the cost

the way we will do this is by making props and film making equipment sutch as dolly tracks and camera rigs , the cameras that we are using our from everyday high street shops with add on's perchesed online from sites sutch as ebay and amazon our main camera cost us £700 it shoots in 1080p HD and 4K, 

We want this project to inspire the comunity to get involved, for things like sound desighn costumes and props we are looking to the public and students of local universetys and colleges.

How we intend to make the project feel orthentic is by using real locations, real actors, real Transformers vehicals and practical effects just like the offichal movies, we have made friends with the great people over at Transformers car hire who will be providing us with our star cars for this shoot.

 we are also contacting local Air soft gropes to help us fill out the cast of soldgers and mecinerys needed for our story, this also helps us keep down the cost of costumes as they will provide there own indervidual equipment meaning that we can put moore money into food, acomidation and CGI for post production 

So far we have a very small team of people working on the project and not all of them our in the uk 

for example we have two composers working on the musical score, Geoffrey Vernon and Aaron Buckly who have already begun coming up with theams for the charictors and action you can find them at

for our robots we are working with two great artists Luima Moriollo and Nick Sketcher, so far we are in our testing phase for Luima's work for Nick's work

                                                                                  plate ready for CGI Robot

                                       Test composate with pre existing robot modal  

As with eatch movie in the transformers univers the Robot modes and vehicals chage slightly this will also be the case for our movie so our heros will look slightly difrent to the the example shot above to keep in line with the real vehicals that we are using 

A Charitable film project: once this film is finnished we want to use it to rase money and awarness for our chosen charitys,  and we will do this by hosting screenings in independet cinemas and Halls were people will be able to meat the team behind the film but also representertives from the respective charitys people will be able to tack part in charity raffles and beable to show there support , also posters, DVD's, Blue rays and even the full musical score will be avalible at each screening and all the funds raised from those products will be split between the charitys , the musical score and final film will also be avalible to download for a small donation 

our chosen charitys: the National Autistic Society and  Nice to be Nice 

Our director for this project is Aaron Fixter who is somone who has lived all his life with lerning dificaltys he is highly dyslexic and shows trates of autism , he has a five year old boy called Sam who has been diagnosed with severe Autism and to this day Sam can ot speak and is still in nappies, Aaron hopes that one day Sam will understand he can do anything he wants to with his life and that his disability shud not hold him back from acheaving what ever his dreams may be this is why Transformers dark before extinction is supporting the National Autistic Society 

While we were serching for a car to play the role of Bumblbee in our movie we came upon the folks at transformers car hire who invited us down to an event for a little boy who was going thruw kemotheripy we atended this event and met up with B and his driver Jason, the event has being held by the charity Nice to be Nice a wonderful grope of people who work so hard to bring theas children days of fun, filled with love and smiles.

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