Transformed lives transforms life

Project by chuka egbunike
Transformed lives transforms  life

To end homelessness through free accommodation, education & employment that will edify the individual, transforming lives & communities.

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This project will only be funded if at least £1,000,000 is pledged by 11:53am 3rd September 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £1,000,000 is pledged by 11:53am 3rd September 2018

I walk across London Bridge and I see people like you and I begging for food, shelter and companionship.

Men and women like you and I are strewn at my feet, forced through circumstances often not of their own making to beg and plead on their knees.

I walk by as if in a bubble, as the downtrodden and broken hearted call out in desperation, do I have float on by today or stop and listen as their cries pierce my bubble.

Daniel, Steve, Ryan; they have names, dignity, a longing to be accepted, a need to be loved as you and I. They are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers; people we can all identify with.

My friends on the streets (brothers and sisters) may be dressed in filthy rags, unwashed and un-kept but when I choose to walk by without some form of interaction or kindness, is not my attitude more filthy and “un-kept” than their physical condition can ever be?

I want to love them, care for them and restore them back to place where they can walk with dignity by becoming an active member of our wonderful society. A society that cares for one another, loves one another and never turns away from injustice.

So help me to raise funds to provide a home for our brothers and sisters living on the street.

The Project:

Raise enough funds to purchase a building that will offer free housing to the homeless while they are rehabilitated from all forms of addiction

Once they are free from their addictions or in a position to take on employment, they will be reintroduced or introduced to paid employment so that they can start to be self sufficient.

Once in paid employment there would be expectation to make a contribution to the project. The contribution will cover the costs of maintaining the building, supporting other programmes that help others on the street, outings/events (consisting of positive activities, building cohesiveness and community based events) and covering other initiatives that would edify the residents.

During the stay in the supported housing, all residents would have access to CAP (Christians against poverty – offering debt and money management), counselling, recruitment agents, training courses and people willing to befriend them and welcome them into their homes and community.

This project will be supported by myself, my wife and some members from my Church and if need be I will give up my job to support this fully.

A timeframe would be determined for the residents to move on (once they can maintain employment, manage their finance, maintain good relationships etc) so that spaces will become available for new residents who have just been taken of the streets.

This projects requires love to succeed. To help those who have been deemed as unworthy or unable to become part of our community. I see people who have encountered circumstances that could crush any individual who did not have a good support network in place. Without a community consisting of people who care, more and more people like you and I will end up on the street. To end poverty on our streets, the first step is to make the commitment to love those who are unloved. A “hello”, a conversation, a helping hand and a life will be transformed. A transformed life transforms another life and so the cycle will continue until poverty itself is beneath our feet and not those suffering from it.          

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