Community Transformational Retreat Centre

by Bryanna Emma Black in Skelmorlie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Community Transformational Retreat Centre
We did it
On 1st December 2018 we successfully raised £51 with 2 supporters in 28 days

To restore this building and use this as the home hub for the not for personal profit foundation, She IS Unleashed.

by Bryanna Emma Black in Skelmorlie, Scotland, United Kingdom

The retreat centre, which we are raising funds to purchase is the heart centre for the not for personal profit foundation She IS Unleashed C.I.C.
The centre will be used for many community events, workshops and special weekend events to support those in need to create the shift to transform their life's.

We will also hire out the centre for others to host their events and retreats within, with all funds flowing into the foundation and upkeep of the centre. I am in a group of over 20,000 people who use places such as this to host their retreats. Already many showing an interest to hire from us as they are aware of the bigger vision.

Regarding the benefits to the locals.

This project will bring business to the local area as we will draw national as well as international people, entrepreneurs and business leaders to the area.

The purpose of the foundation is to help develop and transform women to improve their lives and therefore to improve their families lives too.

We will be hosting workshops, events and retreats to support and educate single mothers, from all backgrounds and from different social economic circumstances in which they can better the life's of themselves and their children.

The founder of this cause, Bryanna, does not take a wage and she has put in her own time, and finances to grow this foundation. This information is all stated on the website,

This foundations goal is to improve the lives of families, including a focus on those with autistic children, and obviously with children themselves.

the foundation is a business, and it will feedback the profits into the upkeep of the property and the foundation itself.

You can find full details and updates via the website -

We aim to host special events for families with children that are on the autistic spectrum, providing weekend events where the parents can be supported, guided with various tools to help their life and children's and also mindfulness so they can better cope with the daily tasks at hand to handle our children. The children will also be taught in ways for them also to cope better in life, the biggest key (Bryanna has children with this condition) is to know they are supported, nurtured and cared for. 

The business side for the flow of funds coming back into the centre and the foundation is that it will be available to hire out to people who want to host their own events, retreats and such within our centre.
We will also have therapy rooms for hire, and will also hire out rooms to let that are spare.

We are setting up other ways to have streams of income flowing in the centre, gift shop area, coffee and cake area, digital products for sale as well as physical.

Bryanna is paying for support to have a book launched globally which again will bring attention to the foundation, the cause and the centre to boost this mission.  

We are starting right here in Scotland, although we have a plan for our foundation to grow on a global scale.
This wonderful building right here, will be the very start of this all.
The first step, is raising funds to purchase the centre and also renovate which we do have a builder on board highly specialised in this area who again will continue to support the cause. 

We had plans to raise funds to purchase a property next year and still actioning this, although this one appeared early to us and so we were advised to set up this Crowdfunding page to ask for support.
We know we can access funding for the renovations and more, it is just organising funds to purchase the property first.

We will also be working on other areas and will update the total as we move along.
To find out more about the founder and the team please check out our website below.

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