Save sight and transform children’s lives in Nepal

by Orbis UK in London, England, United Kingdom


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To train 5200 teachers and community health volunteers to screen children for eye problems and break the cycle of poverty.

by Orbis UK in London, England, United Kingdom

The Project

In the UK, if your child has problems with their eyes, it’s easy to take them to an optician and get the help they need. However, many children in developing countries don’t have this luxury. If they can’t see very well, they are likely to end up dropping out or skipping school; limiting their future opportunities.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: at Orbis, we provide children in developing countries with the eye care they desperately need.

With a simple eye exam and a pair of glasses, a child’s life can be transformed. Clear sight opens up so many possibilities – and can help children like Kisan and Shashant (see below) return to school, play with their friends and eventually earn a living – breaking the cycle of poverty. But there are still many children in Nepal who are dropping out of school every day, and we’re trying to reach them as quickly as we can.

This project is part of a wider appeal which aims to reach over 300,000 school children in Nepal, and provide them with the eye treatments they need to continue their education. We also want to improve the eye health knowledge of teachers, schoolchildren, parents and Community Health Volunteers, and help the hospital eye care teams in Nepal continue the work once the project ends.

How your money will be spent

Your money will go directly to the training of teachers and eye health volunteers in Nepal, to help them check and identify the children who have eye problems. They will then be provided the necessary treatment and in doing so, we can help them to continue attending school and face a brighter future. It costs just £117 to train 100 people, so your money really will make a huge difference to these children’s lives.

We will also train ‘Vision Ambassadors’ – who are usually older children at schools who encourage their friends and younger children to have their eyes checked and to wear their glasses.

If you give before 23rd June all public donations to our See My Future appeal will be doubled by the UK government. Your gift will help bring clear vision to twice as many people around the world. Donate today, and double your impact!

Who the project will help

Your support will help children like brothers Kisan, 12, and Shashant, 10. Until recently, they were both struggling with severe short-sightedness. After we met them at an Orbis-funded programme, the boys were prescribed glasses – their lives have now improved dramatically.

Kisan and Shashant’s stories had a happy ending, however if we’d been able to train their teachers sooner, then maybe they wouldn’t have had to struggle for so long. The brothers told us about some of the challenges that they encountered before they started wearing glasses. “I cannot read the whiteboard or blackboard. I cannot see objects at a far distance and I cannot read properly,” Kisan told us. Shashant continued, telling us that he too struggled to see objects at a distance. He added, “when my mother says to bring me something, I cannot bring it.”

When asked what difference they feel wearing glasses has made to them, both boys seemed visibly relieved. Kisan told us: “all the difficulties I had before like reading, playing with my mother, these are no longer difficulties. I can see anything, I can see things which are at a far distance,” while Shashant said, “I can also see objects clearly, and I can read properly with my glasses.”

Kisan and Shashant’s English teacher has noticed a marked improvement in both the boys after they received their glasses. And their education will be important for the boys to fulfil their dreams - Kisan wants to be a scientist while Shashant hopes to become a doctor.

Why support Orbis?

Orbis is a charity that brings people together to fight avoidable blindness. With our partners we mentor, train and inspire local teams to fight blindness in their communities. We believe that no one should live a life of unnecessary blindness, simply because of where they were born.

We work wherever we’re needed most and where we can do the most good. Since 1982, we have conducted training projects in over 92 countries and over 78 with our iconic Flying Eye Hospital.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, from our world leading volunteers to our state-of-the-art Flying Eye Hospital. Only the best training and practices will be passed on.

Orbis’s impact

Orbis was founded 37 years ago, and since then we’ve helped countless more children and adults see clearly. In 2017 alone, Orbis UK supporters helped us to carry out 270,000 surgeries and medical and optical treatments, administer over 6.7 million doses of antibiotics and provide nearly 47,000 training sessions for doctors, nurses, community health workers and other groups.

Will you donate today and help train teachers and eye health workers to screen children in Nepal, and help them get the glasses that will transform their lives? 

Let's make 'Save sight and transform children’s lives in Nepal' happen

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