Transforming food waste into superfood

Help us transform food waste into superfood for sale and to radicalise communities around health and nutrition whilst we're at it!

We did it!

On 13th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £4,328 of £3,820 target with 124 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

I am completely overwhelmed at the generosity of the community that has put the fund at this level!

Any further investment will allow me to pay for nuts & bolts stuff for Octopus Alchemy - such as renewing our insurance.

But also, some extra will allow me to fund a bit of development work in researching and applying for different grants and funding that will allow us to make our workshops more sustainable and accessible to all of those that want to take part.




Octopus Alchemy is a social venture in Brighton & Hove that works with people to help redefine their relationship with their own health and that of their families and communities.

We work through nutrition, bodywork / massage, yoga and activism to empower people in life changes that foster vibrant health, better connection and meaning.

We have been providing workshops for over a year now on fermentation and food politics, in Brighton and beyond - creativley re-connecting people with their food and encouraging a sense of empowerment and confidence around their health and wellbeing.

We want to grow our work and also launch a project to repuporse some of the city's food waste to a product for sale.

You can watch a video about our workshops here.

You can read about the value of our work from people that have attended our workshops here and here.


Our crowdfunding objectives in brief:

Octopus Alchemy are fundraising to meet a number of objectives:

1. To furnish our current workshops with new equipment to:

  • Improve participant's overall experience and familiarity with traditional ways of preparing and preserving foods.
  • Improve our ability to repurpose the city's food waste to a sellable product via fermentation and to a good and consistent standard.

2. To create a new online portal in order to:

  • Establish a unique identity for our venture.
  • Provide better online resources for our growing community.
  • Help us to engage a wider audience.
  • Raise our online profile and help us impact on food cultures and politics beyond the remit of Brighton.


Our crowdfunding objectives in context:

Thus far Octopus Alchemy have been providing workshops using the bare minimum of equipment that has been funded on an ad hoc basis or borrowed from other projects. 

We are currently working in conjunction with two other food projects in the city - The Real Junk Food Project & Silo. Together we hope to intercept food that is intended as food waste and via our workshops turn it into 'superfood' via fermentation, which can then be sold as a way of generating income for our individual projects.

This will mean participants of our workshops being active members in the process or turning 'food waste into superfood for sale'. The project will help us sustain three unique and exciting food projects in Brighton and to have a positive impact on the city's culture of food waste, whilst simultaneously engaging and teaching members of the local community new knowledges and skills around nutrition and food.

New equipment will play a vital role in the success of this project; allowing us to provide better workshop experiences and to help us produce a consistent product to a high standard for sale.

The second part of our funding bid is to enhance our online presence as a portal for awareness raising / education and updates via a new website with its own unique image and identity. 


Equipment desired with anticipated costings:


Fermentation Crocks (£600)

These ceramic fermentation vessels are vital to a traditional way of preparing and fermenting vegetables. They will allow us to ferment large quantities whilst economizing on space and to produce a consistent product through effective anaerobic fermentation. We hope to support a local ceramacist through a commission for these vessels, rather than importing them.  


Kraut pounders x 10 (£60)

These hardy wooden tools are used to pulverize vegetables, such as cabbage in a sauerkraut process, to break down cellular walls effectively and release much needed nutrients and liquid for the fermentation process to occur. Having these tools will allow us to ensure a good quality sauerkraut and to ensure that fewer hands touch the produce we are making.


Mandolins x 7 (£200)

These old style wooden mandolins are a great way of preparing vegetables like cabbage for fermentation. In sauerkraut for example, they produce what is called a ‘thread cut’ which makes for a perfect batch of sauerkraut, with all the veg in a ferment developing consistently. They’re also a lot of fun to use and will add to our workshop experiences.


Large Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls x 10 (£150)

These robust mixing bowls ensure that we do not create needless food waste by loosing produce over the side. Their durability also means that we do not have to replace them with inferior, plastic bowls when they become overly scratched, damaged and difficult to clean.


Knives x 10 (£150)

Having a good set of sharp, professional knives will make the process of preparing vegetables much easier and efficient.


Peelers x 10 (£30)

Good quality peelers will make for quick preparation of vegetables and help us save time in workshops and in production of ferments for sale.


Chopping Boards x 5 (£100)

Good quality, hard wooden chopping boards will help us provide a durable and attractive surface for the prep of our vegetables.


Trolley x 1 (£250)

Juggling all of this equipment is not an option :) - a trolley will help us cart equipment from place to place.


Portable projector x 1 (£120)

A decent, compact projector will allow me to ensure that I have visual aids for learning at all of my workshops - rather than relying on the unpredictable equipment of others.


Total equipment costs: £1660



Website & Branding Design:


A clear and attractive brand and associated website will help further our reach in terms of awareness raising and education.


Branding design:


20HRS work @ £30PH


Newsletter / posters and handout design:


12HRS work @ £30PH


Website design & Development:


35HRS work @ £30PH


Promotional materials:

Pull down screens: £150


Total design work: £2160







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