Transcription costs - Isa'e Interviews

by Richard Croft in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom


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by Richard Croft in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

I am a believer in Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach, Isa al-Masih). I have been shaped by evangelical and charismatic discourses, in Baptist, Brethren, Free Evangelical, Charismatic/Pentecostal and Anglican churches. Through Anglicans I came to work for a revival Finnish Lutheran mission, after previous experience with OM and WEC (Operation World). Through the Finnish organisation I have traveled globally and met the Isa'e (Muslim Background Believers) of Bangladesh and Messianic Jews from around the world. I found their identity discourses to be similar and hence, I desired to research their similarities and differences. The foundation of my personal and academic reflections is the Bible. The initiation of my faith occurred through spiritual experiences. In my career I have become educated in many theological, sociological, anthropological and psychological ideas. I have had for many years a joy in sharing life in Jesus with others. This turned into a profession of being a theological consultant. Christianity, however, has a complex and troubling history. Some attitudes and practices have been harmful. It is therefore, interesting that in recent decades, new social processes have occurred. They are interesting processes, as they are relational, equitable, forming local democratic communities; forming a platform for social action; and enriching spiritual life. Some of the discourses in these processes are anti-religious but also pro-spirituality. The move from religion to spirituality is an area of academic interest. Furthermore, there is a need to understand more about this - in terms of globalization, in terms of new identity processes occurring through increasing access to information, through massive migrations, and through people connecting to historical family identities. There are also many new interfaith marriages: which are creating new cultures in families. In my data there is an interesting step, that people often make - first to distance themselves to all religions, then they find Christ on a path of seeking meaning for life. I have arranged two people to work for me (paid depending on this funding through a Finnish Christian Organisation). These transcribers will work under secure conditions, in order to transcribe the interviews. Their payment will be managed by the Finnish organisation according to Finnish law. The interviews will be analysed according to standards set in the Social and Cultural Encounters Programme at UEF. I am looking for support from the UK, as funding personal research as a Brit in an environment of Brexit, in Finland is extremely difficult. I have a massive rich data set, that should be processed for the benefit of society and understanding modern religious processes.

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