Transcontinental Race - Bike project.

by Steven D in Hebden Bridge, England, United Kingdom

Transcontinental Race - Bike project.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money for a bike that I can use to take part in the 2020 Transcontinental Race a 4000 km unsupported bike race across Europe.

by Steven D in Hebden Bridge, England, United Kingdom

I am a person that is in Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol for the past 25 years. I work for a charity and have dedicated my working life to help support people who are struggling to break free from addiction. Which means I work in a very low paid job. I hope to raise the money to be able to buy a bike that I simple can not afford - the bike will be used initially to take part in the Transcontinental Race a 4000 km unsupported bike race across Europe as a starting point, as a way to fund raise. I hope to be able to do many more races as the ultra bike racing world has many fund raising opportunities. 

Over the years I have run many marathons raising cash for different projects like Campaign Against the Arms Trade to International Solidarity Movement, raising cash for a mobile eye unit in the West Bank. I want to continue to help projects that do vital work. As a result of getting older and my knees getting weaker I have developed a passion for bike riding and love the time I spend out on a bike. However, the bike I am trying to fund would be specific to the challenges of ultra distance - it will need to be light / strong and built to withstand the riggers of consistent cycling across Europe and beyond - Which means it is very expensive.

I am open to developing and continuing a relationship with donors, including people in updates / plans / training maybe even raising cash for them. I consider that being able to contribute and add to society is a healthy to way to live, which defines my life.

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