Urologist consultation & surgery fund raiser.

by Mia McGowan in Hull, England, United Kingdom

Urologist consultation & surgery fund raiser.


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I urgently need to raise funds to pay to see a specialist consultant for a painful pelvic issue I have. The NHS waiting list is over 2 years

by Mia McGowan in Hull, England, United Kingdom

I'm raising funds so that I can urgently see a specialist consultant urologist surgeon in the UK. It will cover the cost of the consultantancy examination & travel costs from my home in Hull. If I receive enough donations the funds will also pay for the urethroplasty operation I desperately need to have a healthy life back. I have had an examination by a urologist in Sunderland who has suggested this is the course of action for me but I must have an examination by a specialist urologist surgeon to diagnose my condition properly & proceed to surgery. I am having episodes of intense pain that has been going on for over a year since before the pandemic broke out but I still havent received any therapy or healthcare on the NHS & refused referrals by my Primary care provider to any of the 32 urologist surgeons in the area where I live. I've recently been told by my NHS care provider I still won't be seen by a specialist for at least another 2 years due to a backlog of patients dating to January 2020. Please donate to my cause so that soon I can be hopefully relieved of the pain I'm in & be able to live comfortably again.

Background & supporting evidence.

I was referred to the Nottingham gender identity Clinic (GIC) in 2016. I heard nothing from them for a year. I was then referred to Leeds GIC in 2017 & put on a lengthy waiting list. By 2019 in despair after still not receiving even a 1st appointment with a GIC I found  a surgeon I could afford & trust in India. I would of returned to India in 2020 for a checkup & possible revision for gender reassignment surgery but the pandemic had broken out. As most people know that is now impossible with the terrible outbreak of Covid in India. When I returned home in April 2019 I was refused any aftercare on the NHS as I still had not been seen by a GIC which the NHS state all trans people must be referred to, to receive their healthcare. I was forced on penalty of dismissal to return to work by my employer in May 2019 & not offered light duties. I did not have time to recover from my surgery. Only 8 weeks & not the recommended 12 weeks followed by light duties. I have a job that is labour intensive & requires heavy lifting. This is most likely a contributory factor as I very likely suffered an injury that is now becoming worse. 

I became unwell in November 2019 & eventually ended up in A & E in excruciating pain in my pelvic region. It now seems that Ive sustained an injury most likely due to my occupation. It seems to be some sort of pelvic organ prolapse. My hospital discharge letter recommended I be referred to a specialist. This was before Covid 19 was even known in the UK so delays can not be implicated at this time. On visiting my GP many times they just fobbed me off that I have a botched surgery abroad & stated as also reiterated by the GIC:

'There is no obligation on the NHS to see patients whom have complications after private surgery'.

I had no choice but to take the route of private for surgery as the NHS gender identity clinics had still not offered me any healthcare. I finally had an appointment with Nottingham GIC in February 2020 but they state they don’t provide funding for any aftercare for trans women so they refused to refer me to anyone. They suggested I be referred to Hull Gyneocology. But then my GP stated Hull gyneocology do not have the knowledge to examine me. So it was thrown back at the GIC again. Again the GIC refused. This went on until September 2020 all the while I'm having episodes of pain. My GP claimed to have referred me to a specialist in London in September but then it turned out a secretary had sent an email but didn’t state why. So that was cancelled. They did the same in December. My Practitioner nurse even told me to my face that the referral had been made but it had not. In desperation I found a contact to see a trans friendly urologist at Sunderland Royal Hospital in December 2020. I acquired an appointment within 2 weeks. The doctor at Sunderland Royal wrote to my GP in January stating I must be referred to gyneocology & Dr Rashid at Parkside Hospital/Imperial College/Charing Cross hospital. My GP wrote back that they had now referred me in February 2021. On 20th April 2021 I received a letter stating I would not be given an appointment any time soon. They have referred me to Charing Cross hospital. The letter included a quote from the secretary of the doctor I am meant to be having an appointment with:

"For almost one year during the pandemic we were unable to see patients so the waiting list is quite long at the moment. We have patients waiting since Jan 2020. The waiting list will depend on how many clinics we are allowed from now. I am unable to give you a time frame at the moment but once it's the patient's turn, we will contact the patient."

This means they have a backlog of at least 15 months & means I wont be considered for an appointment until all previous appointments have been fulfilled. I have already been waiting a year with bouts of chronic pain. Therefore its unlikely I'll receive an appointment within 2 years. I couldn't sustain the pain for another 2 years which is why I need to pay to see a consultant much sooner. Without a full screening the condition I have could be even more serious. 

Please donate to my cause so that soon I can be hopefully relieved of the pain I have to sustain & be able to live comfortably again.

Mia x

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