Trans-form Projects - Ahmedabad 2018

Trans-form Projects uses creative and educational projects as a force for both social and environmental change.

We did it!

On 1st Jan 2018 we successfully raised £635 with 38 supporters in 56 days

In January 2018, Trans-form Projects will be returning to Ahmedabad, India. 

Trans-form is a volunteer based project with community engagement at its core that brings a collective of artists, regeneration professionals and volunteers together who believe in making the world an equal place for all.

This year, we reached over 700 participants by facilitating projects with 10 local NGOs, more than 12 schools, 1 elderly care home and 1 women’s refuge. 

We work with kids form a variety of different backgrounds including economic deprivation, lack of access to education and physical disabilities. One of our partners are Maya foundation, an initiative to provide informal education at construction sites to kids of construction workers.

The project aims to instigate environmental and social change through challenging behaviours, breaking down social barriers and promoting partnership and collaboration. Through creativity, education and regeneration, we believe a new reality and a more equal world is possible.

What your donation will support?

* Salary of a Regular Dance Teacher at the Orphanage 

* Support single mums from the woman refugee we work with to initiate start-up businesses

* Redevelop areas of our host orphanage & refugee  

* Transport: to pay for volunteers  Ricksha fares  to go to the    schools and settings to deliver their workshops

* Food and accommodation for volunteers in the Orphanage (this money is directly re-invested in the orphanage)

* Materials for the development of the workshops, puppets and instruments created 

* Transform Ahmedabad is our biggest and most established project. In some of the communities we work, this is the only time of the year that they are able to interact with people from different communities and backgrounds. Many of the schools that we work with wait the whole year for Transform to come back.

Continuing in the vein of collaboration and partnership, we need your support to make this happen! All that we have built and accomplished in previous years has been down to the generosity of lovely supporters who have believed in the cause.  

A few words from Manuela Benini, the director of Trans-form Trans-form Projects 

List of Partners:

Vikas Gruh Orphanage & Refugee : providing a home to 150 girls/women and education to 300. Vikas is a great support for the community and women who become homeless due to abuse and find themselves with no place to live.

Maya Foundation : works with mobile communities that work in building sites in Gujarat, reaching over 200 children. Maya is an initiative and a humble effort to provide informal education at construction sites to kids of construction workers.

Umang Education and Research Centre for the Hearing Impaired : 80+ kids from the. The Institute strives to provide free, quality holistic education to over 80 hearing impaired children between the ages of 1 to 2 months and 18 years.

Saamarthya Foundation : support for over 30 aspiring athletes from volunteers who utilise their skill sets to generate resources for programs to benefit underprivileged sections of society.

Swayam Foundation  :50 students from which is a registered not for profit organization working in the domain of education and livelihood.

The Das Foundation :set up for the purpose of establishing and managing night schools for under-privileged children as well as other institutions for the welfare of such children.

Apang Manav Manda l :a school which aims to provide education, training, treatment and employment to the physically challenged with a view to make them independent. 

Transform project wishes to thank past and future donors and Mahatma Gandhi International School, without your support this project could not happen!

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