Apprenticeship Training Programme

by Paul Clancy in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Apprenticeship Training Programme


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To Create Work for apprenticeships, teaching skills no longer taught to an apprentice, Passing on skills needed to be a trades person.

by Paul Clancy in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

The Project Proposal 


With soaring house prices in many parts of the UK, the ‘boomerang generation’ of young adults returning to live with their parents after university is on the rise, with The Office of National Statistics reporting that in 2017, 32% of 18-34 year olds lived with their parents. This combined with an aging population requiring care from middle-aged children, is putting pressure on homeowners to provide extra living space for younger and older family members. Additionally, more and more people are working and running business from home which requires dedicated home-office space. Therefore, there is an increasing need for separate living, sleeping or working areas within the home. Lofts and extensions are a common option, but this means changing the structure/layout of the home, sometimes for the worse.

Depending on the source, research into the market of garden studios suggests that between 4.2 to 5.4 Billion per year in the UK is spent on these garden dwellings.

 Apprenticeships for  Unemployed People

Despite being a gifted learner, I left school without formal qualifications. Fortunately, due to an apprenticeship after leaving school, I went on to become highly skilled in joinery, building and bespoke carpentry. Later, I ran a successful carpentry business for many years and later studied AutoCAD at college to enable me to provide architectural plans for my clients. I have become highly proficient in AutoCAD and, in addition to my building and joinery work, now offer freelance architectural planning/drawing services.

Finding a skilled carpenter is proving to be more difficult every year. High quality apprenticeships are now scarce and the number of skilled tradespeople to learn from become fewer by the year. I believe that learning a trade is equally important as academic qualifications and, in order to pass on what I gained from my apprenticeship, I am passionate about mentoring those who are keen to learn carpentry and building work. I have mentored many now successful tradespeople over the years. If I were to receive funding for my project, I would offer 3-4 year apprenticeships to individuals keen to learn carpentry and building work. I feel that this would be of value to the local community, where rates of unemployment are high. It is my hope that these apprentices would then pass on their skills to the next generation of apprentices.

I am at present a sole trader working on various projects, employing other tradespeople (e.g. joiners, plumbers, electricians) as and when I need them.

I am highly skilled in all areas of the project I want to start including planning design and AutoCAD.

In the Past I have constructed the Studios but never thought to specialise in manufacturing and fitting.

There are a number of companies manufacturing various types of garden cabins.  However, companies manufacturing timber dwellings fitted with bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms are in the minority.

 The apprentices to be trained all aspects of Joinery and Associated Building work.


The new apprentice's work will be on ongoing orders with the new inclusion of  Garden homes/ dwellings there will be Good variations of skills to be learned.

I have a small factory with machinery, I have people necessary to the project who can be relied on (Trades).

I need the fund to set up the company, legal fees, marketing and advertising the project.

The first five unit's would put back into the company the used funds for further investment into better equipment

and machinery.

People who fund the new company would have the option of shares for their donation in the company. or the reward as mentioned. Plus helping to train young men and women a skill that is in decline.

This is a product I am confident with.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£20 Reward

There is a chessboard in the main Description, if you would like to own one as a reward for your donation this is one of the skills to be taught, and the apprentice's will be ready to make within six months.

Let's make 'Apprenticeship Training Programme' happen

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