Training and Entertaining for Dementia

Training and Entertaining for Dementia

The project consists of one person's mission to educate everyone (carers, nurses, community staff, anciliary workers, home carers, the...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The project consists of one person's mission to educate everyone (carers, nurses, community staff, anciliary workers, home carers, the general public, students, pupils etc) to better understand mental health issues and all forms of dementia from diagnosis to end of life.  The second part of the mission is to bring music, validation and reminiscence therapy into all areas where needed (care homes, day centres, churches, nursing homes, hospitals and hospices) via musical entertainment. My ultimate goal is to create a real dementia friendly society, where homes, shops, government buildings are all dementia friendly and designed with these people in mind. This also includes all workers within public services. In 20 years time we are going to be inundated with folks who are 70 and over, more than ever before, we are fast becoming a top heavy nation having to finance our ever growing elderly population, coupled with this is 1 in 3 will suffer from some form of dementia. If we can maintain their independance for longer by making the whole of society dementia friendly by design, knowledge and skills, we will have no reason to institutionalise our senior citizens which will give value to their longevity. Financially it makes sense too

Without donations I cannot continue to do this sort of work. I have no capital to invest in this venture.  I ask for £5000 as a buffer to give the venture some financial stability.


Paul is the Director of PR Healthcare Training. His belief is that training in healthcare is the most important asset you can have. If you have a great trainer, you will have extremely well trained staff, increased staff morale, very low turnover in staff. A company that has credibility and has more of a chance to suceede in the very competitive world of healthcare. He says anybody can train/teach/lecture, but not everyone can train, teach or lecture to the standard he has set himself over the years. " A good healthcare trainer should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, and have an open, warm and friendly demeanour." 

This Training Company was set up originally by two friends who decided that training in healthcare had become a tick box exercise just to satisfy CQC and local government audit standards. The two friends, Paul Reynoldson and John Parker decided enough was enough, training in healthcare had become a joke, it was either in-house training with someone who had a little knowledge how their home works or training was delivered by a company who were charging silly amounts of money to cash in on CQC requirements. Candidates were given certificates at the end of their "death by powerpoint" training whether they understood or not.
Re-Educate Training services were born, it did very well until John had to pull out for personal reasons.
So the company went on "ice" for a little while until Paul had decided what to do with it. Paul rebranded the service and put it out for tender, therefore enabling him to work as an associate with many other companies as well as selling the services to private clients such as nursing and care homes. PR Healthcare was born and has never really looked back, it has just finished an extensive contract with a major domiciliary care company and has recently joined forces with a care consultancy firm offering many hours of training to PR Healthcare. However there are always hours made available for the individual owner operator, this is the real reason the company was formed.
Paul was fed up of being told to just go through the basics and thats it. He runs the most iconaclastic training company you will find. Paul literally ripped up the rule book and started from fresh. There is no death by powerpoint, his courses are fun and very entertaining and at the same time extremely educational to the point of learning more than is required.
He will give you a high class, bespoke training program which includes a full induction program for all new starters plus the statutory courses and many many more.

 "The most unique, therapeutic, musical entertainer"... York Care Home Manager

I have played and sung in bands and duos travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles

performing at festivals pubs hotels in fact you name it I've probably played it.

As well as nursing I have managed 2 very busy homes. I have also co ordinated all activities as well as being a regional health care trainer specialising in dementia. I could talk about this forever, however I digress

I bring you a tried and tested systematic process of intervention, where-in I seek to help the client to promote and stimulate good mental health, using music experiences and relationships that develop through them as we observe the dynamic forces of change that music and only music can illicit

I focus upon the methods of performance, previously thought out in a bespoke way to allow the client to express themselves musically, or by improvisation, movement and group sing-alongs.

The session includes a meet and greet with the clients so I can create a bespoke service based upon your clients own unique needs.

I am a Qualified Mental Health Nurse with oodles of experience within the public and private sector, working with a vast array of individuals harbouring some form of mental health problem. I am also an accredited healthcare trainer, which proves I am no slouch when it comes to knowing the needs of your clients. I specialise in Dementia and adult mental health.

I am probably the most unique care home entertainer you will ever meet. I am not afraid of trying new techniques as a tool to breaking down any barriers that may be in place. My philosophy is I am here to promote and stimulate good mental health to clients that really need it, and not to give staff an excuse for a break. My work can be carried through the normal working day if you are willing to follow suit.

I have worked in conjunction with most of the top healthcare providers and most of the top healthcare consultancy firms.

To have me perform for an hour in your home will only cost you £50-90 (Special rate just for care homes), I cover songs from the 50's and 60s as well as having a good old fashioned knees up at the end with those classic party songs from wartime Britain and beyond.

It doesn't stop there I also take some time out before and after the session to get to know the service users.

It has been said that there are some brilliant

singers and guitarists etc that perform in care homes however it has also been said on very many occasions that I am far better, not because I am a more talented singer but its because I understand the service user’s needs and I interact with them. This has been said by service users and staff alike 

Should you need anything different such as a full hour and a half show, which does not include service users I am open to negotiation, however the service users come first.

All equipment fully p.a.t tested and act has full public liability cover.