"In Africa" Music Video & Children's art training

by Ben Parkinson in Kampala, , Uganda

"In Africa" Music Video & Children's art training
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I want to help enable Francis (23) to encourage more children and youth into thinking about being a changemaker through his music.

by Ben Parkinson in Kampala, , Uganda

Here is Francis' message about his project


I’m Francis, one of the Pioneers at the Butterfly Project Uganda, which trains and empowers young people from disadvantaged areas of the country to become social entrepreneurs.

I’m passionate about music and I believe it is a gift that comes to us naturally; - it is one of our most powerful gateways to connect to our spiritual nature, our divine source, the unseen, as well as to the universe around us and those other divine beings that inhabit it with us…

Music is God-given and being so; “one does not have to fight so hard to be able to produce a song”. The obsession is truly awesome and obviously it becomes clearer that every new song you try to compose as a musician… is a song very known to you as it is undeniable to feel like you have known its sound for millions of years ago.

This feeling is priceless and it makes me think that we were all created to be little creators most especially if we are creating for the good of humanity and preaching the gospel that will positively transform our societies forever.

I may not have the money I need to break through the music industry, per now but I’m one hundred percent sure that music is my thing. Thanks to the people who keep telling me to keep going because that’s the energy I need right now to make sure that one day I’ll stand in the name of change and inspire decades of generations.

I love being me because being me makes me an original being and a powerful artist, over the years I have devoted myself to being the change that I want to see. I have my vision set to being an artist and to use that gift to connect with people from all walks of life, intentionally to change lives and to be able to put in more effort in the implementation of all my project ideas.

One of these projects being the, “ In Africa” song-(A song that inspires people to love Africa) I have realized that I don’t need to work with rich dancers and all the exploiters in the Ugandan Music industry to be able to produce a video that is artistically creative.

I rather have a simple budge and a simple idea, which is to work with young artists from Organizations who are really talented but lack the exposure because everyone wants to expose those who pay …

My plan is to draw and paint art pieces in an African style and also create dance moves with talented young people. I see this as a fun and educational activity as there is going to be much to learn especially for me as I create my first music video ever.

The figure of £267 shall be spent on, hiring a camera, Transport, buying art equipment and food for the children who will be taking part in the four days activities.

I also want to use some of the money to create a website and put my music online for sell, this will enable me earn money to invest in producing more music as a way of changing my society.

Listen to the song on this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnGyQf4znUM and If you have any ideas of how you want the video to be, drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, much appreciated,


E-mail; ssuunafrancis@yahoo.com

Tel: +256774970595

Funding breakdown:

Camera hire - £20

Transport costs - £20

Food for participants over four days - £160

Art materials - £27

Song registration on iTunes/Spotify - £40

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