Trafford Green Party's General Election deposits

We need your help to give everyone in Trafford the chance to vote Green in the 2015 General Election.

We did it!

On 9th Dec 2014 we successfully raised £1,580 of £750 target with 46 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you!

Our project is over and we are delighted to have raised £1580. This will cover our deposits and everyone in Trafford will be able to vote Green in 2015. 

We have been amazed with the response and we are excited about the work coming up over the next five months. We will keep our supporters updated and we would love you to get more involved. Please do come along to one of our regular Green drinks meet-ups or one of our other events over the next few months.

See our website here or if you have't already, you can join the party here

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The Green Party wants to give everyone in Trafford a chance to vote Green in the 2015 General Election. In the 2014 elections over 5000 people in Trafford voted Green and our membership has soared since then.

Why we need your help

Unlike other political parties, we do not have wealthy donors or contributions from large corporations, so we really need your help. 

 A single candidate needs a deposit of £500. We want to stand candidates in our three constituencies:

- Stretford and Urmston; 

- Altrincham and Sale West; 

- Wythenshawe and Sale East.

***NEW VIDEO*** Altrincham and Sale West candidate Nick Robertson-Brown discussing the marine environment, small businesses and more. 


***NEW VIDEO*** Stretford and Urmston candidate, Geraldine Coggins, on five-party-politics.


The Green party stands against austerity, for the environment and for a more just and fair society but without funding for our parliamentary candidates we can't make our voice heard. Please donate what you can for real change! Please share this link far and wide by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett

We are delighted to be welcoming Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett to Altrincham to launch our General Election campaign. Across the country there has been a #greensurge in recent months with new members joining the party at an unprecedented rate. 




Dolphins at Sardine Run

We really appreciate any and all donations no matter how big or small. We are pleased to be rewarding donors who contribute £10 or more. There will be thanks on our website to everyone who donates over £10 and there are Green Party T-shirts and an amazing underwater print on offer too!

Who are we?

Trafford Green Party, recently recruited its 100th member. In the video you will see some of our local and General Election candidates including our chair, Dr Nigel Woodcock, Daniel Jerrome, Nick Robertson-Brown and Geraldine Coggins.

Thanks for your help!




** Donations of over £500 have to be reported to the electoral commission by the Green Party to ensure these donations are made by UK nationals; political parties may not accept donations of over £500 from those not registered to vote. Please email  if you send more than this.**

Promoted by Geraldine Coggins, c/o Trafford Green Party, 27 Grange Ave., Manchester M32 0DA on behalf of Trafford Green Party.



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