Trading Places

by gasman1 in Malawi

Trading Places
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We build traditional homes and take down shacks, using local material and local labour, we show local kids how to build with local tradesman

by gasman1 in Malawi

As a tradesman in the UK, the benefit of knowledge transfer is everything. These aren’t the first homes we have built.  We remove the dangerous shack like structures and create strong insulated traditional buildings with a touch of modern tech and security. We already live and work in the local areas, we have created a football league with 22 local teams who play a quarterly league which is arranged by the locals and mananaged by the coaches. We acquire strips from Scotland and equip the teams ongoingly. Our vision is to have our volunteers learning about community living and going home with new attitudes whilst helping bettering lives in harsh circumstances. This money will allow us to complete the next house and set up the next two and start the irrigation project. All our water use results in garden irrigation, all our roofs will have catchment for rainfall. 

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