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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To provide a better future for my son, James age 10 yrs.

by Alan Jackson in Pontefract, England, United Kingdom

A good career, a new wife, and new baby, a new home and a new future.  It was idyllic until the divorce started just18 months in to the marriage. Everything I'd worked for was taken from me, my son was taken from me and a child support claim pursued.  Every loving husband & father's worst nightmare.

And little did I know it would cost me £18k on five family court appearances to gain access to my son. I successfully gained a contact order but the pattern of contact and the threat of a financially crippling child support claim meant I had little choice but to go self-employed. So I became a HGV driver. There's lots of local driving work but my personal circumstances meant I had to rely on employment agencies.  Hence the work has always been inconsistent and life has been a struggle over the past several years.  Luckily I get to spend lots of valuable time with my son.

However here's where things could be about to turn around. I have studied the financial benefits of Matched Betting which is a technique that mathematically guarantees a profit from the many free bet promotions offered by online betting companies. Almost all online bookmakers advertise these offers to entice customers to place bets with them (please note this is a calculated process and it is not gambling). My ambition is to generate enough from Matched Betting to make an income, and to do that or become a successful matched bettor requires a sufficient bankroll to extract enough of the promotions on a frequent basis to make the living better than I currently have.  I have had some success previously with this starting with a bankroll of under £100, eventually building up to circa £350.  But every time I have done this I have needed to buy clothes for my son, repair an aging car or pay a solicitor's bill and my matched betting bankroll wasn't deep enough to be able to continue.

Matched Betting would also allow me to spend more time with my son by working from home.   Through reading books, blogs and watching hours and hours of YouTube related content I know I can generate a monthly income of up £1.5k to £2k which is financial freedom for my son & I.  The issue that is preventing me being able to achieve this financial freedom is that I need a bankroll of £2k.  I have not yet been able to generate this amount through matched betting as mentioned earlier or by saving, and I cannot get an overdraft or loan due to my current low income.

If I was able to generate the funds for my project it would enable me to start immediately.  I would hope to be up to speed within 3 months and generate enough income to be able to say goodbye to 3am starts and 15 hours shifts even if they are only twice a week when the work is quiet.  And I could give even more time to my son and his future.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.  I wish you all the best.


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