TPDTV - 2000trees stage sponsor

by TPDTV saves 2000trees in Leeds, England, United Kingdom



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Help us through the COVID-19 crisis by investing in your favourite independent UK festival. Your support will keep the 2000trees dream alive

by TPDTV saves 2000trees in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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Alex Terry 30th May 2020

Followed the lads over at TPD TV for a while and was going to go for the first time in 2020 so let's make it to 2021

Daniel Jones 30th May 2020

Great effort boys, doing us all and yourselves proud. Thanks for what you do cheering 30k people up and supporting such a great festival, up the QuaranTPD.

Ben Murphy 30th May 2020

Haven’t been to trees yet but you boys have sold it that I need to go at some point and happy to support something that’s provided you lads and myself entertainment in the form of your vids. Up the 2K Trees and TPD

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