Toxteth Food Central

by Becky Vipond in Merseyside, England

Toxteth Food Central
We did it
On 10th October 2016 we successfully raised £9,917 with 15 supporters in 39 days

Toxteth Food Central is a new, pioneering, community-led food hub - comprising of affordable food store, cafe, training space and garden

by Becky Vipond in Merseyside, England

Toxteth Food Central (TFC)



At the heart of a vibrant neighbourhood, Toxteth Food Central (TFC) is growing. It is a new, pioneering community local food hub that will house a shop, café and training space and deliver related services and activities for community benefit.

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Our Community Design Team in action !

TFC is locally grown and has been carefully shaped and designed by a team of 30 local residents through a community design process over the past 18 months. Together we worked with Marianne Heaslip from URBED architects to develop plans for a beautiful, warm, welcoming, eco-tastic, building which will be finished in November 2016 and open in spring 2017.

What will TFC be?

  • a healthy, affordable food shop, a community café and a food growing garden
  • a training space/space for hire and a training/catering kitchen
  • a beautiful community building for everyone to use and be proud of!


What will TFC will provide:

  • free training courses in nutrition, cooking, and food growing
  • free seasonal events, a meeting space and volunteer & apprentice opportunities
  • an affordable space local people can hire for meetings, events &children’s parties


Who is TFC for?

  • for people living in L8
  • for people from across the city and for visitors to the city
  • for bees, insects, birds, fruit, veg and shoots, leaves and trees

TFC is eco-beautiful ....

This ecologically friendly building has been designed with the highest eco-creditials in mind. This green space has a timber frame and will be timber clad – this is the most environmentally friendly way to make a building.

  • the foundation is made of recycled glass
  • the insulation is made from recycled newspaper
  • the wood for the building is from Scotland
  • the windows are made from FSC wood
  • the roof is made of recycled steel from Wales



What does TFC need ........SOLAR POWER!!!

The design team is very excitied about the potential future benefits of Solar PV’s and we would love people to vote for us so we can win M&S Energy Funding to intall them on the roof of our building.

Solar PV benefits to TFC

  • we want to be powered by clean, renewable energy
  • eco-education - we will fit visual monitors within the building so visitors can see sun power in action
  • eco-finance - our PV’s will easily cover all our power needs and we hope TFC will be able to benefit from selling our power back to the grid.


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