Toxic - An Edinburgh fringe show

by Lee Chantler in Cuddesdon, England, United Kingdom

Toxic - An Edinburgh fringe show


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Bring a Stand-up show to Edinburgh which explores notions of Toxic masculinity, gender identity and social justice as a CofE clergy member.

by Lee Chantler in Cuddesdon, England, United Kingdom

I'm set to be ordained into the Church of England this June after 3 years training at college in Oxford. Before all this however, I was a professional musician and comedian and have kept up these pursuits as a hobby alongside my training. Over the past few months I've been writing and performing new material around the themes of toxic masculinity, social justice and faith, and have been really pleasantly surprised by how well this has been received by audiences. So, I've decided to take a show to the Edinburgh fringe festival in August 2019.

The show is a mixture of stand-up and musical comedy exploring various elements of toxic masculinity, from gender identity, LGBTQIAP+ issues and the men's rights movement, to parenting, class divisions and folk-lore. The whole show is framed by faith and I will be performing openly as a member of clergy. Whilst I obviously can't act as an apologist for the entire CofE (nor would I want to!), I do hope to represent another side of the Church which is so often drowned out in the public arena by louder, angrier, more sensationalist voices. My intention is to be an affirming and allied person of faith in a secular environment, making people laugh and hopefully challenging the entirely understandable misconceptions that my audience may have about Christians and the Church. I will perform the show at least once a day through out the festival, and more often than this if I get the opportunity. 

The funds I'm seeking are to cover accommodation and venue hire for the duration of the show. I have no intention of making any money and most fringe shows don't, but if I do by some chance turn a profit then it will all be donated to related charities - suggestions very welcome! 

I would be very happy to discuss this further either by email or over the phone so do please get in touch. I would also be more than happy to come and perform the show for group/social/church events either to 'earn' a donation or just for the opportunity. I must also stress that this is not an evangelistic exercise, rather, it's an opportunity to really quite publicly represent those of us who believe in the God of unconditional love, the God of absolute inclusion and equality, the God of joy and laughter and of generally having a bloody good time!

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p.s. If anyone has a spare red PVC jumpsuit that would fit someone around 6ft 4in and 15 stone, please let me know....

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