Town Hall Sessions Festival

Town Hall Sessions Festival

To Develop the live Music scene in Glossopdale and put Glossop on the the live music map

We did it!

On 3rd Sep 2017 we successfully raised £290 with 15 supporters in 35 days

In a nutshell.

Having run the Bankswood Festival  since 2010 as part of a project to promote music and the arts in the local area of Glossopdale, in 2017 we are starting a new festival - The Town Hall Sessions - in the heart of Glossop. 

The festival is part of our partnering with High Peak Borough Council to redevelop the public buildings in the centre of Glossop.  The project aims to refurbish the town centre halls as a community owned cultural hub centred on the town hall as a live music venue.

So what's the plan?

Glossopdale has a rich heritage of music and art, but lacks the focal point needed to help it thrive.

The long term aim is to bring the public halls back into use as a community hub focused on music and the arts. Our immediate goal, as a step towards this, is to support and develop the live music scene in Glossopdale.

The Town Hall Sessions

Building on the success of the Bankswood Festival, in 2017 we are launching a new festival - The Town Hall Sessions - which will see over 25 bands performing in 8 venues across Glossop over the August bank holiday weekend (25th-27th August).

Our festivals are and have always been free to attend but they are not free to put on. So, in order to ensure they remain 100% controlled by the community of Glossop, we need your support to keep them going. Ultimately we would like to run both Bankswood Festival and the Town Hall Sessions, but only you can make that happen.

Why are we Crowdfunding?

Our vision is that all our festivals are owned and run by the community.  By community we mean 2 things:

  • Local community - believing that a strong local community benefits all who are a part of it
  • A community of those who share our vision - meaning the event can stay true to its roots

Events need funding, and as one of our goals is to keep the event free to those who attend,  we must raise our funds elsewhere. It is our belief that crowdfunding will allow us to do this without compromising our vision.

The festival is run by volunteers, and no one involved in organizing the event takes a wage, or does it for financial gain. Over 90% of all monies raised through this page will go directly into future festivals and other community music and arts festivals. Excluding Crowdfunder and PayPal fees,  100% of all money raised goes directly into community arts & music!

What's in it for you?

Whilst we know most crowd funding supporters are not in it for what they can get out of it, we want funders to feel involved, so we have come up with a range of rewards, that will hopefully achieve this.

Pledge £5 and we will add your name to the friends page on our website.

Pledge £10 support and we will add your name to the friends page on the website and give you an exclusive wrist band for the 2017 event to demonstrate your support.

Pledge £20 and in addition to the above you will receive an event T shirt exclusive to supporters.

Pledge £100 and in addition to the above you will get a backstage pass allowing you to hang out back stage for the day (either Saturday or Sunday) on the Town Hall Stage in Norfolk Square. This will be limited to a maximum of 6 pledges (3 per day).

If you are a business and pledge £300 we will list you as a sponsor on the day, with the opportunity to place a banner in Norfolk Square over the weekend and receive regular mentions throughout the event

For £500 we will also give you the opportunity to get up and make an announcement on the main stage. This will be limited to 1 per day. Perfect for anyone wanting to say something special to a loved one.


Where will the money go?

Any money raised by this crowdfunding campaign will be held and managed by the Glossopdale Trust - An organisation owned & run by individuals from Glossopdale. Funds raised will be used to support the development of future events like Bankswood and The Town Hall Sessions promoting and showcasing local live music and arts. The Glossopdale trust is an asset locked company limited by guarantee. All Directors of the company are volunteers, receive no wage from and have no financial interest in the company.

Do I have to have my name on the website as a supporter?

No -  If you would prefer that your support remain anonymous, let us know and we will not add you to the website.

How does this relate to the project to bring the Town Hall back into use?

Our goal is to bring the Glossop Town Hall back into use as a live music and arts venue owned and run by the community.

This is something we are currently partnering with High Peak Borough Council to achieve. We believe that the success and sustainability of this project depends on putting the Glossop live music scene "on the map" through festivals like Bankswood and The Town Hall Sessions. Ultimately the success of this long term goal depends on you supporting these events. 

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