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Children love imagination & role play so I aim to provide a party package where themed play houses & accessories can be hired for any venue

by Rebecca Parker in Houghton Green, England, United Kingdom

As a mum of three children, I've observed over the years what their favourite toys and games have been, and each time it has come back to the same thing - imaginative role play. I'm talking about their toy kitchen, shop, beauty salon, police station, school, dolls and hospital sets, to name a few. Fast forward to present day, while planning my son's first birthday party, I was looking at the wide range of party packages that could keep children of varying ages entertained and from experience I knew the best ones are those where children can play with others without a script or let their parents catch up with other adults knowing their children are happily involved in a game. With that in mind I searched for a toddler-type play town town to hire for our local hall, but I just couldn't find anything like this on the market at all! Nothing about a series of playhouses, each one different for the different buildings and amenities of your average town, and certainly nothing that could travel. The travel question made me thing harder, so based on research, I found a bespoke carpenter that could custom-make modular houses, the components of which can be packed flat into a van, and securely be erected at a party venue with the customer choosing between one or all of the 6 popular themes - hospital, police station, beauty salon, supermarket with fuel pump and house. Other additions could be included, (party budget dependant), for example, in the beauty salon a face-painter could be hired or a reading corner within the home. With the money raised, I would commission the 6 themed playhouses to be built, painted and provide the associated accessories like vehicles, a fuel pump, dress-up, props, dolls, mats, seating and signage. It will also go towards safety checks (such as fire regulations), marketing material like a logo and website and built with people with physical disabilities in mind. Not only is this intended to provide a unique and fun party experience but it can also be used for educational purposes such as learning about road safety, roles in the community, and how to be streetwise. All will be wheelchair accessible. Thank you for stopping by!


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