Tower Hamlets Youth League United

Tower Hamlets Youth League United

THYL United are looking to raise funds for office space, equipments and help us empower disadvantaged youth through Sports. Can you help?

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About THYL United

In 2005, Tower Hamlets Youth League United was established as a non-profit organisation with the purpose of providing a safe haven where inner-city youth participate in a comprehensive schedule of Sports and life skills program that
promotes the physical, educational and life skills necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives. Our aim is to re-engage disaffected and disengaged young people and target other members of the community, back into mainstream of sports participation and sports courses.

Why invest in THYL United?

We are appealing to everyone who loves sport, who loves who wants to play a part in the community, to invest in our elite programme - Tower Hamlets Youth League United is our passion to bring local communities closer together and at the same time reduce poverty and inequality in providing strong guidance in getting youths and adults involved and empowering people in providing them the necessary tools and support to improve their lives.

By making a one-off donation you can directly contribute to the support of our exciting project in order to help us empower disadvantaged youth through Sports.


How will your donation be put to good use by THYL United?

By making a one-off donation, you will be making a vital contribution to our aim to bring variety of sports to disadvantaged youths within Tower Hamlets.

You will directly contribute to:

  • Costs for Officespace to rent, which will allow us to startup projects more efficiently, and flexibly with ease.
  • Office Equipment’s cost required for laptops, desks, chairs and stationary in order to get us started.
  • Costs for Activity equipment’s for children and young people to enhance their physical and mental capacities. To facilitate volunteering and youth consultation schemes that deals with social issues such as anti social behaviour, crime and drug.
  • Funds required for summers activities for the youths in order to keep them occupied and satisfied during Summer Holidays.


What will the money pay for?

The money we are asking for will pay for office space, office equipment’s, equipment for activities, utilities and our first year's rent. The funding will also be used for our summer programmes for the children and young people.

The office space will be operated by experienced and qualified staffs in admin roles, club welfare and educational programs that run weekly.

Thank you very much for paying us a visit. If you want to see positive change in the community then please do something positive today and help us improve our passion for THYL United. 


Please support this project by donating generously!