Towcester Youth Coffee House

Towcester Youth Coffee House

To 'actively' raise the remaining £30,000 to start building work to make the coffee house accessible to all, example to get a disabled lift.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a 23 year old female, and if you told me I would be sat here now writing this blerb about how I am going to climb 3 mountains,( thats me, the chubby one at the front):Run five 5K runs,

walk 26.2 miles for breast cancer

and aim to walk another 18 miles for the love of chocolate

then i would have laughed... Hard... me and exercise dont really go hand in hand. So I had a thought... I would get fit I would literally climb mountains to stop the possibility of loosing the Towcester Youth Coffee House (TYCH) forever, and hey if you are doing the exercise anyway why not help out some better known and just as worthwhile charities along the way! 

The Towcester Youth Coffee House (TYCH)  is a local charity in the small Northamptonshire town of Towcester (Pronounced Toaster) the charity has been running for over 20 years and its focus is on the disadvantaged youth offering them a safe enviroment to go where they can develop their physical, mental and social skills whilst reducing antisocial behaviour. Unfortunately 7 years ago TYCH lost the majority of its trustees and volunteers meaning the doors had to close to the young people.  Two of them had major surgery, two of them gave birth and my Dad died.

As soon as I turned 18 I wanted to get invovled and keep the project my Dad loved so much running so I became a trustee and not long after became the chairman. Unfortunately we now fast forward to present day where we have been fundraising to do the much needed building work for the past 7 years the building is falling apart and not fit for purpose and we are only £30,000 away from our £250,000 target to get the building back up and running with a fresh burst of life. The building was left to us in trust so we couldn't even sell it to get a better equipt building so we need to adapt what we have. We want it to be a building accessible to all so we need disabled toilets and disabled lifts and anything else possible to make sure no child is excuded. The plans for the building include chill out areas, coffee bars, games rooms as well as a function and fitness room. I am walking, running and in places climbing a total of 82 miles, without including the training, to try and raise this money, please donate what you can and dont let this much needed youth facility disappear. Thank you.