Bringing Tourism to Local and Small Business- VMT

Bringing Tourism to Local and Small Business- VMT

We would like to invest in Digital Media Marketing and host events to aid the brand and grow other local business by accruing tourism trade

We did it!

On 26th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £150 with 2 supporters in 56 days

We are and we want to revolutionise the way people discover London and Birmingham! London has so much more to offer then the West End, even still the West End is so large the smaller more personailsed businesses get unnoticed. We are making it a mission that South, East and North London get their fair share of tourism trade and well deserved capital from the distribution of tourists that will come from us.

Birmingham is the 2nd City, not just to us, but officially and is often overlooked by tourists and even sometimes its residents . Londoners can enjoy short breaks here also, and be opened up to the niche areas of Edgbaston and Digbeth for a country retreat or dance central part of town.

London has returning guests time after time, who have not been futher then their hotels or short lets, and even if they reside more local, they still choose to gravitate to the West End for entertainment wondering what else is out there, missing out on the local action.

We offer more unique urban experiences then our competitors in similar business, and offer to personalise and offer suggestions to visit for free!- We are fans of human interaction and encourage getting in touch, although we respect our guests are not here forever and we areproud to be simple and different by not sending newsletters or junk mail, the way we look at it once you have left, you do not want to us home with you.

The company names is our pride and joy and works both ways!

  • The customer/tourist will reduce scrolling time looking for activities to interest them while visiting London and or Birmingham
  • The vendor retains a small fee of the bookings if the customer cancels to compensate for the time used to prepare for the clients
  • We do not have vendor contracts, no commitments and like to think we are a risk free business. No sales, No fees and choice of how they want to be packaged with us.  See our flexible B2B details
  • Clients can save money by visiting local business rather than or aswell as the West End , thus in some cases getting value more for their pound and in most cases a better personal service from the vendors.
  • We would ultimately like to work with companies who assist in accommodation to enable guests to book their adventures with us before they even arrive.

We have our instagram for the most updated news on whats going on locally -, Facebook and Twitter as well as our main site

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