Tour my beautiful  Scotland

by G&A Taxis St Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

Tour my beautiful  Scotland


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a temporary hold on my cash flow, starting this fund will help my Business through this crisis.

by G&A Taxis St Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

About G&A Taxis

G&A Taxis was Established in the beautiful City of St Andrews Home of Golf and Scotlands oldest University in 1999 and provide Tours of Scotland, Golf Tours and Airport Transfers.

About Me

My name is Grant Cromar and I’m 46 years old, I started the company from scratch 21 years ago after working for another company for two years, I have grown the business into a first class class and reliable transport company in St Andrews and have worked very hard to become where I am today.

My passion and drive comes from the beautiful country of Scotland, I love to show people from all over the world just what a wonderful and unique place Scotland is from its Golf Courses to its history and some of the most spectacular views in the world, when people come here and leave with the spirit of Scotland in them I know I have done my job properly.

My Temporary Business problem

The Covid-19 Virus has brought my Business to a complete standstill due to travel restrictions that are taken place all over the world in this crisis, with no end in sight in the near future and all bookings cancelled to August there is no money coming in and huge amounts of money going out. 

The government has finally promised to help the self employed but it does not go far enough to protect Businesses like mine, unfortunately what the government has offered will only pay 1/3 of my running costs, my business is seasonal and relies mainly on Visitors to Scotland for Sightseeing and Golf and this year its going to very tough and i would expect to only have 1 month of peak trade if things get better soon.

My Partner is a Bus Driver and is still in work so we are able to carry on paying the rent and putting food on the table, I am keeping my business bills paid at the moment threw some money I had put to one side and threw my Credit Cards, this is fine in the short term but is not a solution for a long period of time. 

In the worse case scenario, I have come to the conclusion that if this year was to be a complete write off I can weather the storm with some help and continue as I always have done from the start of the season next year.

How we can help each another

My Crowdfunding Page will help to ensure that my business comes out of the other end, and also gives some fantastic discounts to my past, present, and future customers coming to Scotland, there are various options and any money donated over £100 will result in an extra 20% being credited to that persons account, I also have some Bespoke 3 and 7 day tour options for Scotland which will save £200 on a 3 day tour and £400 on a 7 day tour, and there is also a £50 saving on a day tour or Long day tour.

For Donations under £100 you will receive a big thank you from me, and I won’t forget how you helped my business threw these tough times. 

I would like to ask any Tour Operators that work with me to take me up on my offer as this will save them money on there future bookings.

For anyone that knows me and has used my services in the past, you will know me very well and i can give you my word that all offers will be honoured in full.

All Donations can be used at anytime that it is possible to do so and will be valid till the end of October 2022, and some later than that.

For all of you out there that have not used my services yet and are thinking about taking a tour to Scotland in the future, please consider me as your guide threw your stay in Scotland and i promise that you will not be disappointed, i can plan a bespoke tour for you to include everything that you want to see and do, and you can save a good amount of money by Paying it Forward.

What am I doing to help my Business

It is hard to know how this pandemic will turn out and just how long it will continue all around the world, even if things return to normal in two months time, people will still be wary of taking holidays and spending money.

I have cut down on some advertising and I will use the quiet period to update my website and social media and think about anything else that I could do to make my services even better in the future.


With your help I can get threw this crisis in the best way possible without getting into debt for the foreseeable future, by raising the money threw crowdfunding I will have no problem getting through the next year and it still gives me the option to take a loan or credit if I need more help.

 I would like wish everyone the best threw these tough times and hope that you can help.


Thank You for looking at my page , if your not in a position to help that is not a problem but please do share this page link with your friends and family as that will be much appreciated help as well, if anyone has any ideas for me to offer please let me know and I will add it to the page.

Please stay safe everyone and i look forward to seeing you all in the near future when you visit this beautiful country of Scotland. 

Grant Cromar (Owner of G&A Taxis St Andrews)

Few Pictures from Last Years Tours Below:-

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