Touch base -Resource centre for the blind

Touch base -Resource centre for the blind

a support office and services for the sight loss community of basingstoke

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

TouchBase will be a one stop place / centre for people with a visual impairment.

The redesigned building for Helping hands for the blind – an local organisation that supports children and adults with sight loss with in the local community has been designed specifically to cater for those the charity supports.

Will provide a number of services to people with sight loss, including their families, caeres and their friends, as sight loss does not just affect the person.

The building is an unused Social club [ formerly the Navy club] in Basingstoke, it is a large building that we are looking to transferm in to a centre for the blind community. A centre that is easy to navigate around due to differing floor surfaces contribute to a experienced in new ways.

A one stop centre of a social meeting area, concilling/ theripty room, charity office, blind friendly skittle alley and a large function room for various events, exhibitions etc. A sensory garden will be located at the front of the centre that will reconnect the users to the landscape through smell, touch and light, while also shielding the sensitive ground-floor spaces from the noise and activity of the nearby one way system. A small cafe and community space occupy a place with in the centre, spillingout in to the social meeting area.

TouchBase also aims to promote social inclusion through a substantial volunteering programme, develop integrated services for people with disabilities and the wider community and encourage further research opportunities.

The centre will provide integrated services for people with disabilities and the wider community and in time we hope it will become an exemplar model.

We are also bringing considerable investment and substantial social and economic value, supporting the area’s regeneration and creating jobs.

This project has the opportunity, through the amazing work of Helping hands for the blind to transform people's lives and integrate people with sensory disabilities with the local community. Throughout the project we are working closely with people of the community to make sure the building makes the maximum positive impact to this part of Basingstoke, but also improves the quality of life for the people who use it through the careful consideration of the parts of the building that help assist in overcoming disabilities.

The centre will offer a range of fully accessible facilities for people with disabilities, businesses, other charities and the wider community. It will include direct Sense service provision, Social meeting space, arts and well-being activities, a family and children’s area, conference facilities and a public cafe.

TouchBase is an exciting new centre for people with a visual impairment and the wider community in Basingstoke.