Touch the Roof trampoline park

by stephen Smith in Penryn, Cornwall, England

Touch the Roof trampoline park
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Part funding for Touch the Roof trampoline park, Penryn, Cornwall. Free admission for life by pledging just £100.

by stephen Smith in Penryn, Cornwall, England

Raze the Roof indoor play is expanding into Touch the Roof trampoline park right here in Penryn, next to Raze the Roof! Raze the Roof has £400,000 to invest and require a further £100,000 to launch.

By pledging £100 not only will you have the satisfaction you have helped to provide a much needed community resource you also have a fabulous choice of rewards.

1. Free entry for 1 for life!

2. Family pass for 4 for 1 year.

3. A birthday party for 10.

As a £100 pledger you will also be able to vote on what type of activities will be installed in the final design. Examples would be Ninja, dodge ball  etc.

£100 pledgers will receive regular personal updates and invited to attend a pre opening celebration too. 

Local Community
But what impact does a venue like a trampoline park really have on the local community.

Increasing Family Happiness
Having fun in play areas with the well-being of their families. What’s more, families living near play areas and visiting those venues have more  levels of happiness among family members.

Keeping the kids off the streets
The same study reported that public facilities dedicated to play and young people, including teenagers, reduced levels of anti-social behaviour. In other words, the good vibes actually ripple outward from parks to the younger generation getting them off the streets.

Bringing People Together
Public venues like trampoline parks can also change community attitudes and break down barriers. Play areas can improve relations between different ethnic groups, and lead to better adjustment of children into their respective community and school.

Encouraging Exercise
Trampolining in particular is such fun for young people of all ages that it doesn’t feel like you are exercising whilst bouncing.  Children who are not good at or who feel intimidated by team sports don’t feel the same pressures when they are trampolining yet they are still expending loads of energy jumping around, rather than sitting in front of an iPad or Xbox.

Touch the Roof Trampoline Park
Touch the Roof will offer a whole range of activities throughout the summer holidays for youngsters and adults alike. 

Touch the Roof is for locals and run by locals with a 10 year track record and great reputation.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

0 of 1000 claimed

Free admission for life

By pledging £100 you will be rewarded with free admission for life. This includes all activities that Touch the Roof will offer, forever!

£100 or more

0 of 1000 claimed

Birthday party for up to 10

Your reward for pledging £100 is a birthday party for 10. This includes all food and drink from the party menu and parents go free.

£100 or more

0 of 1000 claimed

Family Pass for 4 for 1 year

For making your much needed and appreciated pledge please accept this reward of a family pass for 4, for 1 year. The pass is valid anytime for any activity.

Let's make 'Touch the Roof trampoline park' happen