Total Command Video game

Total Command Video game

To help create jobs for people with qualification in gaming but struggle to get thought the door into the games industry.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Create a game to sell to the public and from the funds genrated build a complex at allow newly qualified people to get in the door of the games industry.

The idea is based around a command and conquer type of game mixed with Sid Meier’s Civilization elements. Players have to defend, order and attack.  They are in control of all their base’s assets from assigning products for the building, to create, to managing storage and units.The game will be displayed in a top downview like command and conquer and will give player the ability to zoom in and out like Factorio.  

The player can play against the AI or against other players.  They can create maps themselves, play and share the map online with other players or have a map randomly generated for them by the choices they are given.  During the main game play there will be two to five continents which would make use of the navy base.  Vehicles will need fuel to run.  Ships refuel at the navy base and the aircraft refuel at the airbase or by a refuelling plane.  Helicopters refuel at the helipad.

The player will have to gather resources to construct buildings and for researching more buildings and upgrades for both units and buildings.

There will be villages and towns with people living in them.