Toran (short film)

Toran (short film)

We would like to raise money to help fund our film. This money would go towards props, actors, hiring locations and catering.

We did it!

On 23rd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £150 of £150 target with 10 supporters in 35 days


We are an elite taskforce of 6 film students from Falmouth University trying to fund our latest project. The film follows a  hip and trendy party where joy and gaiety abounds. Syd, a cool dude from the right side of town, finds himself in the pickle to end all pickles when his pal Sam offers him the chance to try out a new drug, Toran (or Green T to the kids). They say it's even better than that night in Amsterdam. But buyers beware, this drug is in-Toran-erable (intolerable). We are hoping to get some of your money please and thank you.

What do you need the money for, I hear you ask

A very good question, *your name*. If you've ever lived or worked on the planet Earth, or know someone who has, then you are probably aware of money. Swedish philosophers worked out that it "must be funny" especially when one considers the "rich man's world" and Liza Minelli informed us of its ability to cause planetary rotation, but did you also know that money is used to purchase goods and services? Here is our budget;

Catering - £35

Actors - £30

Transport - £25

Location - £25

Props and things of that nature - £35

Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated.

We also have an Instagram doo-dad, @toran_film, where we will keep you all informed on how the project is going.


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