Topsham School Yr 2 for Estuary League of Friends

by Topsham School Year 2 in Topsham, England, United Kingdom



raised in 41 days



Year 2 of The Topsham School trying to raise funds for Estuary League of Friends to help towards their appeal during the coronavirus period

by Topsham School Year 2 in Topsham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our figure will be a drop in the pond of the £60,000 Estuary League of Friends need so if we go over and above it will all help get towards the main target and get through the next 12 weeks and beyond!

The children of Year 2, The Topsham School, have come up with some creative ways to help raise money for Estuary League of Friends. 

Have a look at our "The Loo Roll Challenge" video we managed to throw the loo roll between all our classmates while maintaining social distancing! And...our teacher can do "the worm"!

Some children are still gaining sponsorship for their 5 minute silence...

We've raised £130 and wondering if we can get to £200.....?

(and well done Flynn for raising £65 on his baking stall!)

Let's make 'Topsham School Yr 2 for Estuary League of Friends' happen

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