Meet the World's No.1 DJ backstage in Amsterdam!

by DJ Mag in London, England, United Kingdom


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Your chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Amsterdam to meet 2021’s No.1 DJ backstage, directly after they have collected their award!

by DJ Mag in London, England, United Kingdom

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Salvador Eduardo Nuñez Gomez 19th September 2021

I love purposeful plans and making thousands or millions of people have within reach the security in their lives as in this case a defense to fight this awful deadly virus seems wonderful and heartfelt! let's all stand together leaving no one behind. Together we do more!

Callum Thomas Black 19th September 2021

I’m behind this, it’s a great opportunity to see some great DJs in a city that is awesome. With Covid I haven’t been able to see my favourite DJs in the defcon festival.

CHRISSIE STEVENS 17th September 2021

This is fantastic dream and moment for anyone like me who has dreamt of being a dj and produced own music and just wanted for just a moment for feel that amazing vibe and joy one sees on a dj's face when he/she is playing a live set. A dream of mine that I hope will come true. So opportunities like this must be embraced and welcomed - its what makes life interesting and soooooo exciting Regards DJ CHRISSIE V

Abhishek Aswathanarayana 16th September 2021

I want to visit the UK, its culture and nightlife ! I have always dreamt of this ! Also I feel that I'm lucky most of the time in such contest draws ! Hence I want to take the chance to win a meet and greet with the new #1 DJ and other artists and visit the UK.

Hiran Lokman Fatah 7th September 2021

I believe if I am capable in helping out even if it is just by a little it could save someones life out there. There is nothing more precious than the life of a living thing and working together to provide for the less fortune is a sense of unity to give a helping hand to those in need.

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Meet the World's No.1 DJ backstage in Amsterdam!
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