Top Surgery for Leo

by Leo Mathlin in Hockley, England, United Kingdom

Top Surgery for Leo


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I'm raising money in order to have breast removal surgery (known as Top Surgery).

by Leo Mathlin in Hockley, England, United Kingdom

Apologies in advance if this is somewhat crude:

Since puberty I have honestly hated my chest area and literally everything that came with being biologically female. For the past two and a half years I have been wearing a chest binder (a garment that essentially flattens your chest), however untill a year ago I realised that it's definitely more than just wanting smaller breasts. 

My need to have my breasts surgically removed may not be understandable for some people, however throughout the past year they have caused me a rather plentiful amount of panic attacks - some even at my workplace, which is a rather difficult thing to explain.

Unfortunately the NHS have a very lengthy waiting list, therefore meaning there's a lengthy waiting time. From the date of the referral to the NHS gender clinic, current waiting times are at 2 years, and that is only for the initial appointment/assessment. Recieving hormone therapy could take up to another year, furthermore the assessment for a 'transgender mastectomy' can take longer and with the actual breast removal surgery I'm looking at five years in the waiting.

I find it challenging now, so waiting a possible 5 more years living in what feels like entrapment is an option I really can't bare.

Through private gender clinics I have been quoted £6500 for breast removal surgery, however there are costs on top of this regarding assessment fees and diagnosis fees (a diagnosis of gender dysphoria).

I have savings that I am putting towards this however they are not enough for the full cost of the surgery.

If you've read this far, thank you! 

I understand my cause for crowdfunding this surgery may not seem entirely important but it is to me.

.Love from


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