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Top Men - True Pundits

A sports based football group, bringing different people around the world together, communicating through voice notes.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 94 days

About Us

Blessings to all who touch this little section of our TMTP's Empire...well that's the vision!

Some of you will be taking a first peak into our world of Football and Banter whilst others may be members or know of us through affiliates, seen us on our numerous activities or via some social media related posts, videos and broadcasts, maybe even Radio.

Let's cut to the chase......TMTP is a positive social group of men from differing backgrounds, social classes, cultures. The common ground which binds us together and keeps the banter strong is our love of Football, especially our teams.

Another factor is that we share the same ideals...the respect we share amongst one another, the love we show and the supportive network we provide is rare nowadays and something we all feel privileged to be sharing in this group. We share resources, help spread an individual's stress and offer an ear to listen to in times of need.

This kind of interaction amongst males, especially black males, which currently comprises of around 90% of our membership base, is unique outside of a church network, it's special and something many people are shocked to see us facilitating with progression, passion and love. 

The key to us sustaining this platform falls into various areas such as maintaining peace in the group (that's why we have rules and regulations), keeping things fresh and lively, evolving with the times and being innovative with ideas. 

Sounds great doesn't it?

So why do we need your help, why should you vote for us?

Everything in this world needs support, energy and belief. From an initial idea of two friends who started this group we have mushroomed into something with untapped and unquantifiable potential...furthermore we feel that a group such as ours has a positive social impact in communities which can be honed and developed further.

We offer that banter and friendship which fends of loneliness and combats depression of the mundane life some people unfortunately face due to their life circumstances. 

We are role models showing unity, understanding, developing media skills within our group and showing the ability to debate passionate subjects with words rather than acts of violence.....we develope these skills amongst all individuals in the group, even if they don't have them at the start of their journey. We are progressive. The skills learnt here are transferable and impact an individual's manner and behaviour in their family lives, homes and in social interactions outside of the TMTP group.....I guess you can view this as a positive side effect!

So it's clear we have the energy and passion as we've made it thus far from that alone....over the past year we've developed belief in what we're doing to the extent that we know we need to bring this to a larger audience, but for that we need help...the kind of help our combined overtime and efforts to make some revenue from which we can use to further our groups ambitions can't achieve within the timescale we view as realistic.

MONEY, DOLLAR, DINERO!........we need it to build a functional purpose built website to facilitate and ensure our groups future from which we can expand our membership base. It's not feasible for us to continue to use Whatsapp as our sole platform carrier unless we ditch our hopes to expand.

We need it to integrate youth from school leavers into our group, catching them at an age where they can still adopt the positive values we share before they become solo units with tunnel vision. We want to promote unity and bring back the brotherhood of men, why wait until they are men....Let's start early.

We need it to facilitate online radio broadcasts.

We need it to buy media equipment such as cameras, SD cards and various other items.

We need it to market our group and for us to make our presence felt in local communities where our membership is strong, from helping the old through giving them company and banter to inspiring the youth through football and related activities such as football tournaments and related trips within the UK and abroad.

We need guidance....but we'll talk to Mr Branson and his experienced group regarding that....with both your combined help and support we can make this vision a reality. 

Please Press that button and give what you can if you feel positive about our will not be wasted and may impact lives in a way you'd never dream of.

Thank you for taking the time to read this....if you didn't know then now you do....TMTP for life


Top Men True Pundits (TMTP) is a sports group. We passionately discuss sports using Voice Notes (VN). Your interaction could be with anyone in the world because as we no sports, especially football, can bring people together.

It began with just me and 4 of my friends. I used to talk them for 2 or 3 hours on the phone about football and sometimes the conversation would last longer if my team lost. I got fed up talking to my friends at different times, so I started a group, using whatsapp. It became a sports group where people can express their feelings, on the latest matches and games that were on.

It became easier to talk through the group, as we wouldn’t have to repeat ourselves and everyone could add to the topic.

Why we use Voice Notes (VN)

The reason we based the group on VN’s is, after researching I discovered it hasn’t been used before. In addition, it allows you to show the passion you feel and you are able to express yourself more. You can also appreciate the real banter. It’s just like being at a real sports match.

As a dyslexic person myself, I found it hard to keep up with texting banter and sometimes felt a bit left out. On TMTP you can be yourself and you can communicate without having to text.

However, some were not confident with voice notes and so that they could continue on TMTP, we introduced the 5-line texting rule.

How we operate

Within the group I created a boardroom of 6 members, consisting of friends and family. Between us we created Rules and Regulations for TMTP. These were designed to keep harmony within the group.

Within the Rules and Regulations include red and yellow cards, the same as a football match. These could be issued for offences like discrimination towards any pundit. No discrimination will be tolerated. Red and yellow cards can also be given out for over usage of texting. Texting upto 5 lines is permitted. This is because it is a voice note based group and we want to keep the originality and the passion each pundit has.

If a pundit is issued with a red card, they could be blocked from the group for 3 days. However, it will be in action when important games are on.

Where are we now

After just starting with 5 pundits in total, more and more people joined. They joined by word of mouth. Each pundit couldn't believe that they had made new friends and belong to something that brought them a lot of happiness.

During the week on TMTP, we take turns sharing motivational messages. Sending these out helps keep the spirits up and helps with enthusiasm and positivity.

We have done road trips with football tournaments. We have travelled together abroad to Amsterdam, which enables each pundit to get to know one another.

Although the group speak to one another daily, many have never meet before. So these road trips give each pundit the opportunity to put a face to the voice. The reaction is great and the pundits have loved travelling and making great new friends.

Where we’re aiming for

To get to the next level, we want to build an app to get online, and start this as a sports business. We would sell season tickets on the app where live banter, live scores and live sport news will be available.

On the app we are hoping to have different groups. Potential pundits will receive all the information they need to decide which sports group that they want to go into.

Pundits will then be able to create their own VIP TMTP sports group, where they can invite their own friends and expand within themselves.

Their interaction could be with anyone in the world because as we no sports especially football, can bring people together, wherever we are in the world.

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