Tooting By-Election Graham Moore

The Main Stream Media support the sectarian tribal politics that I do not believe in. The people of Tooting need a real Voice.

We did it!

On 18th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days


The Bradbury Pound

Based on actual historical precedent, this is THE solution to end overnight Britain’s unlawful austerity programme.

"I am very pleased indeed that Graham is highlighting in his election campaign the amazing story of the virtually unknown Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound.  This historical precedent from 1914, if re-introduced again today by the government, would end austerity immediately and would provide the British people with the liquidity needed to run a debt-free and prosperous economy free from the debt-creating machinations of the central bankers."

Justin (Walker)

Campaign Coordinator for the British Constitution Group (BCG).


Please help Graham Moore and the English Democrats to create an online campaign in Tooting, London. I need your help in two ways 1. Donate to the campaign 2. Re-tweets and Reposts.

I have seen many people complain about politics, about MPs, about the system being corrupt, about Islam. You have Graham Moore running in a high profile election where the media are trying to completely ignore us. YOU can make a difference! I have stepped up to the plate, jumped through their bureaucratic hoops to become nominated. Now we need to graft the social media.

I stand for the people, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me England. I have no allegiance other than England and the people of England. I am not a career politician; I will NOT abide by their rules of engagement. I am NOT politically correct.

Do you want to fuck the banks? Back me

Do you want to stop eat or heat? Back me

Do you want real positive change? Back me

Do you want the NHS properly funded? Back me

Do you want a no DEBT higher education? Back me

Do you want the use of food-banks to be a thing of the past? Back me

I stand for YOU wherever you are in the UK please donate and help the social media campaign.



Who are we? We have been a political party for 14 years and we believe in equality for the English. We believe that Britain is a family of nations whom all belong in the commonwealth (as long as they wish too). The English Democrats are fair and true libertarians who believe in English law, Common Law. The Country and the People come first not a political ideology or party. The people are the party, the Country and what is best for all is what we believe in. Within the party we have left and right views and everything in-between, all with one common agenda, England at our Hearts. We debate, sometimes heated as you can imagine, but always with people at the heart of our problem solving. We strongly believe that England should have its own parliament back. We have no bars on race, religion or past politics and strongly believe in removing the divide and rule politics of the British Establishment and its system of RULING over us. To be a member you must "believe in England and the people of England", sovereignty and the rights given to us via the Magna Carta are the dominant principle. Remember that our freedoms and liberty must be ours in "Perpetuity" (FOR EVER). We do not want or need a class divide, a race divide, a religious divide or in fact the North/South divide. Join us. Stop the banks destroying our lives, stop the elite politicians, put the people back in the commons.   

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