Too much coffee not emough tea

Too much coffee not emough tea

Hi I am trying to raise funds towards the redesign for a mobile kiosk where I intend to sell good high quality tea in Cambridge.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I found from working in the coffee industry for 6 years in Cambridge I have noticed there isn't much variety for a good teas and the hot drinks industry is dominated by coffee, I mean this is England and we love a good brew. the tea that we see dominating our high streets is just a plain tea bag thrown in a cup with abit of hot water and milk and never seems to hit the spot like nicely brewed cup. I intend to bring variety to the tea industry and meet the the publics need at keeping britains tea heritage at the high quality it deserves. We also have a high population of eastern Asian community and I intend to cater to they're needs for a  variety of healthy green teas.

the name I have come up with is "tea up"

I intend to renovate a mobile coffee trailer into a vibrant tea bar that will draw people's curiosity and once they try my products will have them coming back for more.