Classroom and library for orphans at JayNii

Project by Tom Bryant
Classroom and library for orphans at JayNii

I'm raising funds to give the children of JayNii Streetwise Foundation, a rejuvinated classroom and a place for independent study.

We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £1,596 of £1,500 target with 30 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

A stretch target will go towards the children's playground here. Expect many photo updates!

Thanks for viewing my crowdfunder page! I'm Tom, and I'm a trainee teacher, based in Worthing, England. I'm working for 6 months in Accra, Ghana for the JayNii Streetwise foundation.

JayNii is a haven for those who live around the very poor area of Jamestown. The children who stay here are here for two reasons: if they have been picked up off of the streets, or if their loved ones have decided that they are no longer safe at home.

JayNii operates 24/7, as a tight knit community and family, behind the Jamestown lighthouse.

JayNii exists to support the educational needs of these vulnerable children, by getting them off the street and into a classroom. Sadly, due to rising living costs, the JayNii family are struggling to achieve their goals, and its classroom has gone into disrepair.

This is why I am making this my goal for my 6 months here: to rejuvinate and replenish the classroom and adjacent library. Both rooms have so much potential, not much is needed to make these facilities perfect for empowering these children, to show them that they are talented and deserve to join the ranks of their educated peers.

The money raised will go towards:

A fresh coat of paint for the inside and out.

Stationary packs for each child attending full time.

Resources to make each child their own English, Maths, Science and Art books.

The installation of proper windows, so that when storms hit overnight, the classroom stays safe and dry.

Fans to keep the roon cool.

Roof work to stop rain getting in.

However much is raised, I pledge to spend the exact same amount of my own money on resources for lessons and activities.

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