Tom McGuire & The B.H's *DEBUT ALBUM!*

by Tom McGuire & The Brassholes in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Tom McGuire & the Brassholes's are trying to record a debut album. They need your help in raising the funds to make that possible!

by Tom McGuire & The Brassholes in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we are able to raise funds beyond our primary target, we will be able to consider expanded instrumentation, such a string octet and gospel choir, as well as ensuring we have ample studio time to do the best possible job. Will also be able to plan and execute a Scottish tour with the help of these funds.

Tom McGuire & the Brassholes originally came together busking on the streets of Glasgow in 2014 during the commonwealth games, with members meeting for the first time mid song. From that point onwards the group cemented its name in the Glasgow scene and continued working together, making a living from playing music in various facets. All the while however, we have wished to fulfil our potential as a band producing quality original music. The unfulfilled potential is indeed great; the band consists of some of the best players in their respective disciplines, from a range of backgrounds, all hardworking musicians. However, caught up in simply making a living out of music, we have forgotten to live through our own music.  Only now, after over 3 years of working together, we have finally made the conscious decision to concentrate our efforts on our own work. The results so far are not disappointing. The band is eager to show what we can do for ourselves, given what we have learned. the songs exhibit a deep love of classic funk and soul, with a modern sensibility with regards to arrangements, drawing from the considerable talents and musical character of each player on board. We have made something great, and would be thrilled for the opportunity to be able to exhibit what we have made in the best possible way.

       The aim of this project is be able to record an album of the excellent original music which we have written. Music we have poured all of our efforts and skill over the past months. In order to do justice to the effort we have put in, we plan to record in a professional studio setting . We then hope to put out this record on C.D and vinyl, a final and concrete embodiment of our work that we can all be proud of. Please be as generous as you can and help us raise the funds needed in making all of this possible! Many thanks , TM&B's.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Signed 'T' Tinny Delivered I'm Yours

A can of Glasgow's fine Tennants lagers, signed by the band and delivered to your door.

£7 or more

Pre-Order Digital Download

You will receive nothing physical for your hands but popping ear candy for your binary bins (ears)

£12 or more

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Pre-Order Physical CD

Our lovely album on a shiny plastic, near obsolete disk for you to play in your mum's car. Delivery included!

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Branded Trucker Hat

Branded Trucker Hat!! Why look smart casual when you could look like an yankie jake-head? Why indeed. download included

£20 or more

Signed CDelivered, (I'm Yours)

You will receive a copy of our CD signed by the band. Hand delivered within Glasgow.

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Pre-Order Vinyl

You will physically receive our mint beats on wax. Digital download included. Delivery included. (possibly in person!)

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Signed Sealed Delivered Burrito

Signed Sealed Delivered Burrito Tom will deliver a burrito to your Glasgow home and hang out for a beer (your beer). Digital download included.

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Music Lessons + DigiDownload

Music Lessons + DigiDownload Hour long music lessons available from; Liam - Trombone/Jazz harmony Josh - Trumpet Mateusz or Mikey - Sax Scott - Bass Tom - Songwriting Tim - Boogie Woogie Piano Micah - Drums PLUS free digital download.

£30 or more

Pre-Order CD + T-Shirt

Shiny noisy frisbee comes with sick Tee. Digital download included

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Full Fanboy Package

You will receive a CD, Vinyl and T-Shirt. Plus digital download.

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Fine Dining Brunch Courtesy of Mateusz

A "lovely" afternoon meal with Poland's very own dead-eyed jazz-elf, Mateusz will take you out to a restaurant of your choosing (within reason), paid for by him. Digital download included.

£75 or more

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Absolute Hikey Mikey Mountain Madness!

Absolute Hikey Mikey Mountain Madness! Saxophone don and hiking boot enthusiast, Mikey Butcher, will take you out on a hillwalking trip, during which you can appreciate the beautiful vistas, or Mikey's magnificent physique.

£100 or more

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Personal Megahit

Tom will write and record you a killer song about a subject of your choice. Plus digital download of the album, (perhaps including your song if it makes the cut!)

£500 or more

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We'll Play in Your House

We'll Play in Your House!!!!!! Have you ever wished you could have a seven piece soul band play in your house? Stop wishing, wish no more, cease that wish. TM&B's will play in your front room on a date of your choosing.

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