Tom Helen Audio Cards - Speak your love literally!

by Zenia Isabella Odunwo in London, England, United Kingdom

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Premium greeting cards with your own, recorded audio message - paired with a beautiful, classic photo mount, handmade and personalised!

by Zenia Isabella Odunwo in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra funding will go towards  bettering our website with a smoother upload system for customers. We will be able to get more equipment to better the efficiency of production and help us further subsidise costs for customers. We will also be able to print more of our cards, reach more people around the nation and build a stronger sense of community. Further funding will go towards more research and tests in regards to those visually impaired or suffering from Dementia. All in all it will enhance our mission in fulfilling our vision. 


Tom Helen is a new, exciting, greeting card brand with a twist….customers can record an audio message for their loved ones, which they can replay at the click of a button! That’s right, you literally speak your love! This is paired with a classic photo mount, handmade and personalised (if wanted) to further capture special memories, milestones and moments. Our aim is to bring joy and everlasting memories to those special people in your life. We are using our beautiful, timeless, audio cards and photo mount displays, as a platform to build communities, compassionate connections, and reach out to those who may be feeling socially excluded. As well as creating a space for people to showcase wonderful moments. Our greeting cards are unique, collectable, beautiful and timeless. Our vision is simple yet set to make an impact… “Speak Your Love -  Capture The Moments” with no one being left out. 

Speak Your Love - Audio Greeting Cards 

Britain is known worldwide for her special greeting card tradition. Words really do touch the heart and put smiles on people's face's…but there’s nothing like saying I love you, Happy Birthday or simply saying thank you than actually saying it. Tom Helen is taking this nationwide joy to a whole new level. Allowing people to literally speak their love! There is something so lovely about hearing the tonality of your loved ones voice and knowing that you can play their message anytime, anywhere and even take it with you if you’re travelling...this feature of which, has had overwhelming, positive feedback.

Capturing Moments, Milestones & Memories with Timeless, Classic Photo mounts (Handmade & Personalised)  

Our bespoke photo mounts are designed and personalised or you can opt for a traditional look by keeping the frame plain with no added design - just your beautiful, printed photograph of course!

In the UK alone, 1 billion greeting cards are sold each year (that’s a lot!) and so we wanted to further give our customers an additional incentive to keep their cards on display, adding to the longevity of our cards (basically we don’t our cards going in the bin!) Our photo mounts are carefully designed and fitted to sit perfectly on your desk, bedside or anywhere you desire. 

Potentially Helping Those With Dementia and Their Families

Deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease continued to increase, accounting for 12.8 per cent of all registered deaths in the UK in 2018. One million people in the UK will have dementia by 2021, according to the Alzheimer's Society, which has said dementia is the biggest health and care challenge facing the UK. Dementia is an overall term for diseases and conditions characterised by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking skills that affect a person's ability to perform everyday activities. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia. 

The audio factor of our could cards could have some amazing possibilities for those suffering with Dementia. In addition to it making a heartfelt gift, hearing the voice of your loved one whist simultaneously looking at their photograph, can help those suffering with Dementia to recall close relatives and old memories.  With further research, this could potentially be a great help to those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Feedback from the elderly on our prototypes has been so heartwarming and humbling.

Our Commitment to Those Who Our Visually Impaired 

We want to ensure our products are accessible to as many people as possible, including those who are visually impaired. The audio factor of our cards allows us to do just that. Part of the funding from this campaign will go towards adding braille onto our cards so the ‘press play’ button and other text is easily accessible. (Please note picture is a samp

Our Story and Founder 

Hi, I’m Zenia! I am a wife, mummy, general family lady and the founder of Tom Helen Cards! I am passionate about entrepreneurship, young people and building a sense of community. When I’m not looking after my beautiful daughters, working, or serving my community, I am thinking of the next business idea! Tom Helen started when I wanted to go that step further for my loved ones and record an audio message for them in a greeting card. (Sort of like a cheeky whats app voice note haha). The response was phenomenal! It bought much laughter, joy and even tears! I too, have also lost loved ones to the unfortunate disease of Dementia. If my cards can help those suffering from this and their families, that would be quite brilliant.

I love going the extra mile for my friends and family. As a mother, I want to be able to capture my children’s milestones…Tom Helen is allowing me to do just that! It is more than just a card. It’s sentimental. It’s voicing how much someone means to you and bringing people back together, which to me is priceless. Starting a business however does require money. I have entered into the Natwest Back Her Business - Side Hustle Campaign and could receive funding, but I need your support! Your pledge will make a significant difference. It is going to help me launch Tom Helen Cards and hit the ground running. Your support would be sooo appreciated and in return I have some wonderful rewards. Thank you a million! Zenia x

How Funds Raised Will Be Spent 

The money raised from this campaign will go towards launching Tom Helen Cards. We want to do this as professionally, and ethically as we can. Your pledge is helping us to achieve this by:

  • Designing, printing and assembling of cards. Making our vision a reality. 
  • Equipment and materials - we need equipment and further materials to start us off and better our overall crafting ability
  • Sustainability. We want our cards to be as kind to the environment as possible. Your pledge will help us use environmentally friendly materials for our cards where possible and contribute to the UN sustainability goals.
  • The printing of braille on our cards so that they are accessible to those visually impaired. 
  • Testing and research into the effectiveness of audio/photographs of our cards in correlation to Dementia. 
  • General start up costs such our website, administration and marketing 

How You Can Support Me and My vision for Tom Helen


In return for your pledge I have some amazing rewards! Of course one of them being you will be the first to receive a Tom Helen Card or even come to our launch event!

Share This Page 

Sharing this campaign on your social media as well as word of mouth will be greatly appreciated and impactful! You never know who may love this project and want to get onboard.

Follow Tom Helen Cards 

We want to make an impact and build a community of speaking love and capturing memories! Let's stay connected by following us on our social media @TomHelenCards

Prototype disclaimer: Please kindly note whilst these greeting cards our beautiful, they are prototypes to demonstrate my idea. I do not own any of the rights to the designs of the front of these greeting cards. The audio and photo mounts however, were created, designed and put together by myself. Thank you. 

How It Works 


When will I receive my reward?

First of all, thank you so much for your pledge! It is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference. Rewards will be received upon the success of our launch. We will keep you updated, please keep an eye on your e-mail.

Are these cards prototypes?

Yes! These cards on display are prototypes. The photo mounts and audio factors were designed and created by me. Feedback on our prototypes has be extremely positive! On the success of my campaign I will be printing my own cards, I can assure you they will be beautiful! 

How do I play the recorded message? 

You will a sticker that reads 'press play' press down on the sticker to replay audio message.

How do I send my audio recording?  

You can directly send your audio recorded message to us through our whats app number, e- mail or through Facebook or Instagram. You can also call us and we will record your message over the phone (this is to also offer a friendlier system to the elderly and anyone else needing further assistance, so no one is excluded). 

We are working on having a much smoother process through an app and our website which we hope to have up and running soon. For any questions or further assistance needed please do get in touch. 

How long does the battery life of cards last for?

It is our top priority that your card lasts a lifetime and that those moments captured by Tom Helen cards are never forgotten. Your audio message should last 3 - 4 years or longer. If and when the battery needs changing, a system is in place whereby we will change the battery for you free of charge. Further details will be available on our website. 

What size will my printed photograph be in the photo mount?

Photograph size is as follows:

  • For Small cards (5 x 7 inch) - Photo is 4 x 6 inches
  • For Bigger cards (10 x 6 Inch) - Photo 5 x 7 inches 

Your photo can be both portrait or landscape. 

Do you do any other size cards? 

At the moment we are launching with the sizes mentioned above. Please follow us on social media @TomHelenCards to stay updated on future innovations and new product ranges.

I’d like to get more involved with your brand?  

Amazing! I can't to hear from you! Get in touch by sending us an email to 

I am interested in investing in your business, how can I reach you?

Please email and I will get back to you. Thank you very much.

A Final Message of Thanks 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to look over my project! I have outlined everything I feel you need to know however, I have left my email address down below as well as our website, incase you have any further questions. I would also love to personally thank you if you do pledge…Thank you a million!

E-mail -

Facebook Page  

Website -

Let’s Stay Connected! 




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Huge thank you!

Thank you a million! You have made a huge difference in contributing to make my project a reality!

£16 or more

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Small Tom Helen Audio Card

A beautiful (5 x 7 inch) Tom Helen Audio Card of your choice, with a classic photo mount and your photograph. Packaged in a luxurious gift box. Free delivery to any UK address. Thank you so much!

£28 or more

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Standard Tom Helen Audio Card

A beautiful (10 x 8 inch) Tom Helen Audio Card of your choice, with a classic photo mount and your photograph. Packaged in a luxurious gift box. Free delivery to any UK address. Thank you so much!

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Personalised Tom Helen Audio Card and Photo Mount

A personalised beautiful (10 x 8 inch) Tom Helen Audio Card of your choice, with a handmade and carefully designed photo mount with your photograph. Packaged in a luxurious gift box. Free delivery to any UK address. Thank you so much!

£100 or more

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A Big Tom Helen Audio Card + Ticket to our Launch

A ticket to our launch! Which is set to be a fun, memorable day! A personalised beautiful (10 x 8 inch) Tom Helen Audio Card of your choice, with a handmade and carefully designed photo mount with your photograph. Packaged in a luxurious gift box. Free delivery to any UK address. Thank you so much and see you there!

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