Tom Cary Music - 2018 Album

Tom Cary Music - 2018 Album

I want to create decent radio-ready music, that people will enjoy listening to. Whilst not feeding the pockets of industry fat cats!

We did it!

On 29th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 56 days

My aim is to create a new album for release early next year.

I have currently two albums to-date and I am very excited to be involved in getting myself a third album off the ground. This album is going to be all of the stuff that I love doing, crammed into one album. It's going to be a Country/Pop album and will be a collection of songs I have solely written through the last couple of years. I will be performing piano, acoustic and electric guitar and some bass guitar as well as obviously singing my heart out and showing you my life through music.

I am also fed up of the fact that so many artists out there get screwed left right and centre by industry fat-cats taking massive cuts from the sales of albums, usually leaving the artists involved either bankrupt or earning next to nothing! 

So if you join me on this adventure, you will get updates along the way... sneaky peaks of the songs as they are being made and a copy of my last 2012 album 'Love 'N Life'.

In helping me to produce my new album, one of my previous albums will be delivered straight to your door or inbox of your choice.

I really look forward to getting some of you on-board with this exciting new venture and I'm looking forward to making some music again :)

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