TolerEAT- the app

TolerEAT- the app

We at TolerEAT are raising money for the building of our app and website to accompany it, aiming to get the app into the app stores soon.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

TolerEAT is a restaurant finder app for those with dietary requirements, making it easy for them to eat out in new places where a restaurants menu is not already known. 

Finding an appropriate dining venue is sometimes a difficult task with a restricted diet, this app will make that process easy and convenient for users, allowing them to find restuarants by filtering the search for just their needs.  We believe this app provides the answer to an everyday but very real problem for a group of the population.

Additionally, there will be an accompanying website that caters to members of the market that prefer an internet based search. 

We are asking for £10,000 to begin building our app and website and get it to market.