Toilet Facilites for the children of Leigh Town FC

by Darren Kenny in Leigh, England, United Kingdom

Toilet Facilites for the children of Leigh Town FC
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The club is seeking to gain much needed toilet facilities for the children of Leigh Town FC. The club has around 100 children playing weekly

by Darren Kenny in Leigh, England, United Kingdom

  • Please help us raise funds to help Leigh Town Football Club to gain toilet facilities for the children within the club. The club is looking to raise £2,000 to help towards the £3,600 needed to acquire much needed toilets.

The club based in the North West, plays a huge pivotal role within the Community of Leigh, giving children of all ages equal opportunities and pathways within the sport that will hopefully benefit them as young adults. Leigh Town aim is to play a role in young peoples lives, to tackle diversity and encourage inclusion, to develop them in to leaders and role models, to encourage them to explore within the sport, be it being a player, coach, referee, sports teachers, physio etc. Children at an early age need sport as a guidance, to boast their confidence and self esteem, and fitness. We, at Leigh Town Football Club want to be a part of that and their dreams and aspirations.
The club see themselves as Community Family club and to have the right facilities to help to achieve this, for children, young adults, volunteers, parents and the Community to be part of.
Without the right facilities in place, Leigh Town Football Club will struggle to reach it's aims and goals, which could have a negative effect and big impact on the people of the Community that has around 35 girls that participate each week, ranging from ages 6 to14. For the girls to continue to play, along with encouraging more to participate, and ages of 14 and beyond, it's the clubs aim to gain appropriate toilet facilities for the girls, and children within the club. These facilities is a must if the club is to continue to encourage more girls all ages to the club. If successful with our target, it would open up more opportunities, enabling us to offer walking football, over 50s football, (for both genders).
Since the club has been formed, we have maintained a large playing field ourselves, acquired changing rooms, refreshments cabin and storage container which has made a huge difference to the area in which the local councillors and community have given us great feed back on how much it has improved the area.
It will also allow the club to carry out sports camps during school holidays, and after school clubs in the spring/summer term, as we would have the facilities to enable for this to happen.

Children of all ages will benefit from the facilities that the club seek. The more that the club has to offer, the more opportunities for the people of the Community will have. Football offers so many opportunities for all people willing to play a part. By having the right basis, structure, and platform in place will allow the club to continue to grow and flourish. To keep and encourage more children and young adults to play their part will help with their fitness, self esteem. Aiming to provide opportunities requires the right platform, secure facilities, safety for all who plays a part within the club. 

  • Over the coming months the club will be doing some fund raising events to help raise funds, several coaches will be doing a sponsored bike ride from Leigh to Southport, around 27 miles. A race night is also scheduled in November. Any little help towards the club acquiring toilets facilities for the children would be much appreciated. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Pledge £10 and be invited to 2 free training sessions

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Pledge £15 to have your child attend training sessions free for a whole month.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Your name will be displayed along the "Player of the Match" for one of the clubs teams which will be shown on the clubs social media

£100 or more

£100 Reward

You will receive A BIG THANK YOU from all the club via a video on a social media pages with your name added as part of a sponsor a month and a "player of the match".

£250 or more

£250 Reward

£250 or more Website Advertisement Pledge £250 and have your company advertised on all Leigh Town Football Club Social media pages and a special big thank you by several junior players within the club. The clubs social media pages are updated on a regular pages, there will be plenty of views a day.

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