The world's first festival of Togetherness, exploring human connection and sexuality 20 & 21 May 2017

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On 9th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £12,569 of £10,000 target with 120 supporters in 28 days

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The initial phase of funding covers the bare bones for making the festival happen - there is still room for more people to come!

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Tickets are now available through eventbrite, you can get yours here


Togetherness is an intimate 2 day festival of human connection in London


In an era where much of the world feels divided, Togetherness explores the importance of human relationships and how they can link us together. Studies have shown that happiness comes from the quality of our relationships, not our bank balance. It feels like absolutely the right time for this festival and this May, we are gathering some of the world's leading experts to make it happen.


What will happen there?

Experts from around the world are leading a series of workshops, talks and experiences which will help you to 

  • enrich your relationships
  • expand your sexuality
  • explore new ways of connecting with others
  • improve the quality of contact you have with everyone in your life



Tickets are now available through eventbrite, you can get yours here


Sessions include

Clowning • Expanding Your Sexuality • Art of Sensual Touch • Deep Listening • Boundaries & Empowerment • Mindfulness & Sexuality • Liberating Gender • The Soulmate Delusion • Sex Education for Adults • Sensory Experience • Art of Being with Alan Lowen • How to be a Lazy Guru • Body Positive Photo Studio • Singing & Intimacy • Digital Dating Detox • Love Lounge 101 • Sensuality & Ritual • Orgasmic Cacao Breathing • Shhh Dating • Procabulary • Deepening Sensuality for Partners • Playfulness & Connection • Holding for Healing • Saturday Night Cacao Dance Party - check website for up to date listings


The Event itself is split into 3 parts


SATURDAY - Activation Day

More active workshops - learning, experiencing, doing, movement

SATURDAY NIGHT - Celebration

Drug and alcohol free with Cacao Dance Party, Love Lounge Experience, live performance and more to be announced

SUNDAY - Landing Day

More passive workshops, gong baths, relaxation sessions, touch sessions, receiving



Who is teaching at Togetherness?

Some of the top teachers in the world including


Who is Togetherness for?

Whether you are single, in a relationship, non-monogamous, whatever your political beliefs, your race, your gender identity, sexuality, wherever you have come from and wherever you are going, you are welcome at Togetherness.

We want to make this festival accesible to everyone, we want to help change our culture's relationship with intimacy. So we have superb hosts, warm up sessions and an excellent and varied program for all interest levels, you can choose the level which is right for you with room to push a little beyond your comfort zone too.

Where is it taking place?
We have an incredible venue booked among the skyscrapers in London. Up almost in the clouds it overlooks the Thames on oneside and Canary Wharf on the other. We wanted a forward looking place for a forward looking festival. 

The venue if fully wheel chair accessible.

We have confirmed some of the best teachers in the world 
We have the energy and passion to take the message out there

Now we need your help to make it happen!


Tickets are now available through eventbrite, you can get yours here

For the festival to go ahead we need to make sure we have the funding and support. By using the crowdfunding to presell tickets we can make sure the festival will be a huge sucess. It will give us the resources we need to hire the staff, build the infrastructure and spread awareness as far as we can.

There are perks to suit every purse so that everyone can support this event even if they can't be there on the day. From £25 all the way up to £1000. So come and take part in this first of its kind festival and help us promote and explore true connection. 



£59 - get a ticket for the whole of Saturday

£49 - Get a ticket for the whole of Sunday 

£79 - Get a ticket for the whole weekend and save £20 from the normal price

£149 - Get a pair of weekend tickets and save even more

£209 - Get 3 weekend tickets and tripple your fun

£249 - Get a full weekend ticket plus a weekend massage workshop 




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