Together we can save lives

by Nagete Dabo Jabula in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

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Hello there, My name is Nagete, my aims for this project is to save lives in Guine-Bissau which is in crisis due to the corona virus.

by Nagete Dabo Jabula in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Hello to the whole world, my name is Nagete and I'm 16 years old . I am a very kind person who loves helping other lives because i believe that by helping others we are also helping ourselves , we are all responsible for each other in this world. 

I was born in Guine Bissau, a very poor country in the West Africa but I live in the Uk, Guine Bissau suffers a lot on poverty. Children and young adults do not go to school due to lack of money to buy the book or pay the teachers, families do not have food to each so they are forced to sleep in hunger, hospitals do not have the correct equipment which leads to more deaths than births each day.

Today I am here asking for your help, not only me more that a thousand people are asking for your help with tears. Hug the next because the next will hug the next too, together we can save lives and cure the world.

Since i was 12 years old I always dreamed of saving people in need all around the world.

Can you make my dream and many other's dream come true ?

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this .

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