Toby and the Caravans

Toby and the Caravans

Toby a caravan who becomes a hero in his many adventures meeting other caravans and friends,suitable for four to eight year old children.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Toby is a old yard caravan who works on a chicken farm cleaning and tidying to earn is keep, when one day the farm is turned in to a caravan park,toby is refitted to the ultimate caravan.toby becomes a hero in his many adventures,becomes friends with many more caravans who all have there own character.

The stories are for mainly four to eight year old children and can  easly be adapted for the rest of the world ,they is seventeen stories making a four book set ,i have been offered a contract with NOVUM PUBLISHING , however i have been advised to illustrate and need eight per chapter at a cost of 3,500

LORUM are the only publhers i have contacted and waited a long time before receiving a reply and offer of contract and would like to stay with them please support me  and you will bring joy to the many children  who reads my books below is a chapter for you to read,