Toast - A short film

by Tom Careless in Derby, England, United Kingdom


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The aim of this project is to raise enough money through your donations so that the production of our film goes smoothly and is a success.

by Tom Careless in Derby, England, United Kingdom

A coming of age film, Toast centres around the protagonist of Webster – later to be known as Web. A northern boy with the desire to break free from the dull, mundane confines of his typical teenage life and find himself out there in the world. However, one day, a girl called Beth walks into his life and Web is forced into a dilemma, does he stay with his new-found love, or leave it all behind?

As a group of young enthusiastic, creative filmmakers we are asking for your help to fund our upcoming film Toast! This film will not only allow us to showcase our ability as filmmakers, but also give us a platform to demonstrate our passion and desire to create a short film that appeals to you as the audience, to make you laugh, fall in love with the characters and provide that 15 minutes or so of pure enjoyment!

We are seeking the help of you as the audience as we want to maintain the highest possible production value for the film, we want everyone that donates to be confident that they helped us so much even with the smallest of donations – every little helps! As a thank you to all of the generous donators you will receive rewards, ranging from credit on the films final edit, hard copies of the film on DVD – right up to signed posters and executive producer credit on the film. This is the least we could do, after all you are helping us achieve and create a film that means so much to us.

Shooting will begin in late February and continue into early march, the prime locations for this film will be based in the Midlands of the UK and harness and strong Yorkshire patriotism that provides the comedy but also the beautiful realism of English cinema. 

Toast was initially written to be based in America, but developing the script and using our own English wit, we transformed the story into a classic British film. Artistically this film will shine with a plethora of style, unique filmmaking techniques and produce a final product that is like no other – this is a real chance, for you as the audience to join the team as a donator and contribute to a festival grade film that hopefully will go on to win awards, but this can only be done with your help!

Combining the creative minds of each member of the crew, we want this film to be highly stylistic, creative, colourful and heart-warming. We also want to tell a touching, close to home story, featuring relatable characters, events and environments that will form a connection to the audience, and beneath the awkward laughter, pull on those heart strings!

But we can only do all of this with your help! As said, any donation, no matter how big or small will go a long way and build those steps we need to fulfil our ideas as filmmakers and create a film that not only you as the audience will love, but ourselves as a crew will create with a non-stop grin! 

We all thank you again for your time, please, get donating, and hop on this creative journey with us!

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