To Touch The Clouds

To Touch The Clouds

Raising money for the people who saved my life after a cardiac arrest. By learning to Paramotor to compete in sponsored events.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To Touch The Clouds

My Journey

On the 19th of January 2015 I was leaving my house to go to work. Suddenly a pain I had never felt before gripped my chest and I dropped dead with no warning  signs of illness and I was only 42 years of age Fit and active. Thankfully the Paramedic was only around the corner when my partner called 999 I was shocked twice and It was a very close call to being revived, I was taken to hospital and was in intencive care for a week fighting for my life. Over the next four months I fought fatigue and PTSD, got my strength back and returning my life to some normality. I would not have survived if it wasn't the skill and responce of the EAAS, NNUH and the fantastic nurses.

Why am I crowdfunding ?

Good Question,

  • To raise money for the people who saved my life......

Just before i had my cardiac arrest I was fasinated by Flight I had even done some skydiving just to be up in the clouds. And it was my dream before I was taken ill to learn to paramotor but unfortunatly this never happend as all my savings and dreams flew away as I had to give up work for a time and my paramotoring dream was gone.

What will I do with the Money ?

I am looking to raise £10,000 this is to pay for the training and equipment needed,

Once I have completed my training and purchaced the equipmet I will use it to enter into sponsored events to raise money for the people who saved my life, and to raise money to  help others who had sufferd just like myself.

Your Reward

For every person who Kindly donates I will send

  •  A video blog of my training
  • A copy receipt of all purchases
  • Invitation to all charity events
  •  Quarterly account of all money raised
  • And a "To touch the clouds " Goody Bag "Whooo"

And a BIG thank you to all who Donates.....